Wand of Fortune R2 FD Heading to Switch on September 14 in Japan


Idea Factory’s otome brand Otomate announced that Wand of Fortune R2 FD ~Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue~ will be released on the Nintendo Switch on September 14 in Japan. Previously only available on the PlayStation Vita, the otome game has opened a new website detaining the Switch port.

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As the spin-off fandisk to the original title, Wand of Fortune R2 FD features all of the quality-of-life features that were added into the original game’s remaster, including but not limited to changes such as the addition of a default name, voice acting, and character portrait for the protagonist.

The title begins with the sudden appearance of Bell, a self-proclaimed fairy who travels through time and space. Bell granted the main character Lulu a power to peek into her own stories of three possible timelines. This fandiska also the final happy ending to Wand of Fortune 2 as well as the episodes that you have yet to experience.

The game will have a regular version and a downloadable version, priced at JPY$7,150, as well as a special edition priced at JPY$9,350. Pre-orders are also available today.

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Wand of Fortune R2 FD Story & Worldview

Lulu is an “attribute-less” girl with no special attributes of manipulating natural elements that everyone should have. After some time and a series of trials and tribulations, she became the first person to attain the power to control all attributes.

One day during her sleep, a peculiar fairy appears in her dreams strangely grateful for a deed Lulu had done for her. Only, she has no recollection of this.

Introducing herself as Belle, the tiny fairy explains that she can glimpse into the future of people’s fates. Belle explains that as repayment for her “good deed”, she will let her take a look at one of three possible timelines Lulu will go on to experience in the future.

Which of these 3 paths will she take?

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Wand of Fortune R2 FD Character & Cast

■ Lulu – CV: Yui Horie
■ Belle – CV: Taeko Kawata
■ Julius Fortner – CV: Takahiro Sakurai
■ Noel Valmore – CV: Chihiro Suzuki
■ Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald – CV: Hiroki Takahashi
■ Lagi El Nagil – CV: Tetsuya Kakihara
■ Alvaro Garay – CV: Kenichi Suzumura
■ Est Rinaudo – CV: Miyu Irino
■ Salo-Mon – CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Wand of Fortune R2 FD Pre-Order Bonus & Editions

■ Wand of Fortune R2 FD Special Edition

A special edition of the game will also be available physically, featuring special goodies! The special version will feature a booklet including a short story previously only seen in the original game’s website and a transcript from a reading stage performance that was held at the Otomate 2019 party named “To You 10 Years From Now”. Alongside this, a special set of letters from each character to you personally will be included in the special edition!

■ Wand of Fortune R2 FD Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-ordering any version of Wand of Fortune R2 FD also has its benefits, offering early adopters an exclusive sleeve for the Switch physical case featuring the key visuals from the two fandisk installments of Wand of Fortune.

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■ Store Purchase Benefits
Wand of Fortune R2 FD will also release Special Physical Editions of the game packaged with exclusive trinkets. Physical storefronts in Japan will have exclusive merchandise depending on the retailers. Be sure to check out the game website’s info tab for more!

Wand of Fortune

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