WSS Playground Unveils Boyhood’s End, a Sci-Fi Horror Adventure Game About the End of Youth


WSS Playground and Bukiri Clock announced a new episodic sci-fi horror adventure game titled Boyhood’s End, coming to PC via Steam in August with support for English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

Boyhood’s End is a story about adolescence and a horror title, where the world is ruled by a mechanical overlord called R. Karellen, and through their decree has decided that all people are rated by a “human score”, determining their academic success, professional careers, love life, everything, even down to their meals. You play as Giovanni, a boy with the lowest human score on the planet, and is horrifically ridiculed and bullied. One day everyone starts to attack Giovanni in order to “remake” him and turn him “more human”. A senior at his school reach out to him and proposes they hop onto a train without a driver to a galactic railroad, and so the two get swept up on a planet-hopping journey to reach the farthest ends of the universe.

The game will have 5 episodes of content, with each episode being released sequentially during the game’s period as an Early Access title. The developers plan to raise the price of the game as it releases new story chapters over time.

Boyhood’s End Trailer

Boyhood's End - The Beginning TrailerBoyhood’s End – The Beginning Trailer

About Boyhood’s End

Boyhood’s End is a sci-fi horror adventure game, where you take on the role of Giovanni, the human with the lowest “human score” on the planet, and travels with Campanella, the senior student with the highest human score on a journey through the stars while overcoming your own demons.

Boyhood's End

Boyhoods End Trailer1 06

The game has players solve puzzles and explore the world in this hand-drawn pixel world. Throughout the pair will meet great leaders of the past and pull reckless “pranks” on them, while coming to terms with the end of their youth, and the true horrors of the world.

Boyhoods End Trailer1 07

Boyhoods End Trailer1 08

Boyhoods End Trailer1 09

Boyhoods End Trailer1 010

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