Cubic Stars Mobile Gyroscopic Shooter is Available Now


MiIXI’s newest Gyroscopic shooter based on the Monster Strike IP, Cubic Stars is available now for both iOS and Android devices, and is launching with a bunch of great campaigns to start players off!

The game is celebrating its launch by thanking Players for 30,000 followers on Twitter, with 50 free gacha pulls, a start dash login bonus, a start dash mission, a special boss battle featuring Excalibur, start dash gacha, and more! All players will be able to receive these amazing bonuses by logging into the game and playing now.

Cubic Stars Launch Available Now Feature

Cubic Stars Trailers

実況:長州力『キュービックスターズ 学校のカタムキング編』WebCM実況:長州力『キュービックスターズ 学校のカタムキング編』WebCM


Cubic Stars Launch Campaigns

Thanks to everyone helping the game hit 30,000 followers, everyone will be rewarded with 4,500 orbs and 20 character gacha tickets, totaling to 50 free pulls on the game’s launch!

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The game’s also launching with an Excalibur fantasy boss battle, which lets you face off against Monster Strike’s Excalibur as you earn a variety of rewards including materials and consumable items.

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The games also has a limited start-dash gacha, in which you can use free orbs to pull this gacha, with every character and ship (excluding free characters handed out from the start of the game) being available here.

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The game also has a guaranteed 3-star gacha, though to pull for this you’ll have to use paid orbs, though as the name suggests it guarantees a 3-star character or ship.

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Cubic Stars Gameplay

Cubic Stars is set in another universe, where the various monsters of Monster Strike have been sucked into Pandora’s box by accident! To try to rescue them, the remaining characters decide to also dive into the box and bring everyone back to the world of Monster Strike!

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In this top-down 3D shooter, the player takes control of the various characters from the Monster Strike series, blasting away at foes by aiming at them using your phone’s gyroscope. The game is described as a casual shooter that can be played solo, or with up to three other players.

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The game’s story will be fully voiced as the characters explore the world inside Pandora’s box, and as you play you’ll be able to rescue, and recruit more characters from Monster Strike to join you to help even the odds and save even more of your friends!

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