Shangri-La Drive Mecha x Bishōjo 3D RPG Launches on May 30


EXNOA announced that its Mecha x Bishōjo RPG Shangri-La Drive is officially launching for Android and PC via the DMM Games Player on May 30.

Since the game’s announcement in late April, the game has also reached its pre-registration goals of 250,000 players, ensuring everyone picks up the maximum rewards of diamonds, coins, materials, and a free SR+ character. The game still counting down its launch every day with a Twitter campaign granting up to 303 a chance to win an Amazon gift card worth up to 10,000 yen,

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Shangri-La Drive Trailer

Shangri-La Drive Pre-registration Campaign

Shangri-la Drive’s pre-registration campaign has reached its goals! for hitting its milestones, players on launch will receive 50,0000 coins, 25,000 materials, 2,500 Beat Diamonds, and the SR+ Memory Drive Ertlinde

Shangri la Drive Release Date Pre Regist

Players that pre-register for the game can also try out the game’s pre-registration gacha, each pull of this gacha will grant the player with Memory drives that can be used when the game officially launches.


Shangri-La Drive Gameplay

Shangri-La Drive is a Mecha x Bishōjo RPG that has you commanding girls piloting powerful mechanized suits called Ride Gears. Players have to train the girls, tune the Ride Gear to their own specific playstyle or strategy, and overwhelm the opponent with firepower and tactics.

In the world of Shangri-la Drive, humanity is on the brink of collapse from an enemy called the automata, which has deemed humanity unnecessary in the creation of a new perfect world. Command your girls and do everything you can to fight back against this threat, while you get closer to them through events, gifts, and one-on-one time.

The game also has an R-18 version on the site with more risque scenes available to players over 18.

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