Square Enix Announces Foamstars, a Splatoon-Like PvP Team Shooter where you Shoot Foam Bubbles at your Opponents


At the PlayStation Showcase 2023, Square Enix announced Foamstars, a new 4-vs-4 online shooter game, where you shoot foam bubbles and try to cover as much turf as you possibly can.

FOAMSTARS | Announce TrailerFOAMSTARS | Announce Trailer

In Foamstars, foam is the ultimate resource. It can be used in multiple ways: To create slippery surfaces that players can use to surf around the arena at high speed; to build terrain, helping players defend from enemy attacks or creating high vantage points to take out opponents; and finally, to foam up the opposition and win the match. A variety of the title’s colorful characters engaging in foam-to-foam combat in battle arenas were shown.

The gameplay sounds a lot like Splatoon in which you cover the map in ink, which allows your team to move around faster. But rather than both teams racing to cover the entire map in their color of paint, the foam being shot in Foamstars will change the layout of the map. So, theoretically, you’ll be able to create a cover or alternate ways to traverse the map.

The game is heading to PlayStation 4 and 5, but a release date was yet to be revealed.

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foamstars playstation showcase press release 5

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