Chinese hack-and-slash RPG Phantom Blade Zero Announced for PS5 and PC


Chinese developer S-Game debuted Phantom Blade Zero, an action RPG that is set to release for PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Helmed as the spiritual successor to the 2010 indie game Rainblood: Town of Death, Phantom Blade Zero is an ambitious project that seamlessly blends authentic martial arts action within a punishing and bleak world.

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Phantom Blade Zero centers on the character Soul, an elite assassin working for a mysterious and powerful organization known simply as “The Order”. The game’s narrative takes a thrilling turn when Soul is falsely accused of the murder of The Order’s patriarch and is gravely wounded in the ensuing manhunt. Aided by a mystic healer, Soul’s life hangs by a thread, his survival guaranteed for only 66 days. Players must battle against formidable foes and monstrous threats, striving to unveil the true mastermind behind the conspiracy before time runs out.

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Phantom Blade Zero exists in a unique universe known as Phantom World, a distinctive blend of Chinese Kung Fu, steampunk-inspired machinery, occult arts, and other singular elements. The game pays homage to various martial arts icons, ranging from the legendary Bruce Lee to contemporary stars such as Donnie Yen in John Wick: Chapter 4.

Set in a semi-open world composed of numerous expansive maps, Phantom Blade Zero will offer a rich array of meticulously handcrafted activities. This punishing world serves as a relentless reminder to players to stay vigilant. The pursuit of the game’s numerous challenges and formidable foes yields rewards in the form of weapons, armor, artifacts, and skills.

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Kenji Tanigaki, a renowned action director behind many iconic martial arts films, has joined Phantom Blade Zero as the game’s action director. He physically demonstrated each move in the game, which was then scanned and used as reference material for the animation artists, resulting in an impressively authentic representation of martial arts in its gameplay. No release date was given for Phantom Blade 0, but it will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PC sometime in the future.

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Phantom Blade Zero Announcement Trailer

Phantom Blade Zero - Announce TrailerPhantom Blade Zero – Announce Trailer

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