Dragon Quest Champions is Now Available for Pre-Registration


Square Enix has opened the pre-registration for its upcoming smartphone game Dragon Quest Champions. A new promotional video also revealed its battle mechanics and overall gameplay.

First announced in Japan in January 2023, Dragon Quest Champions is a melee command battle RPG, where a multitude of adventurers and monsters compete in a grand Hero Martial Arts Tournament to rise as the ultimate champion.

QooApp Dragon Quest Champions 02

QooApp Dragon Quest Champions 03

This fresh spin on the genre adopts the familiar command battle system from the Dragon Quest series, making it easy to enjoy for those who may struggle with action-oriented games. Players will control a team of three characters, pitting them against monsters and other parties in gripping battles, and also in three-way melee battles as more players join the fight.

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Players can now pre-register the game on the official website, or via Google Play and App Store. Dragon Quest Champions will launch in Japan on an unspecific release date.

Dragon Quest Champions Pre-Registration PV

Pre-Registration Twitter Campaign

To commemorate the start of pre-registration, the Pre-Registration Commemoration Campaign #1 is being held on the official JP Twitter account (@DQ_Champ) starting from May 27.

Among those who follow the official Twitter account and retweet the target campaign tweets, 50 people will be selected by drawing to win original merchandise from Dragon Quest Champions, including a “Metal Slime Cooling Blanket” and a “Homitt Plush Set”. However, prizes will be distributed only within Japan.

QooApp Dragon Quest Champions 01

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