Front Mission 2: Remake Delayed to an Unknown Release Date


Developers Storm Trident and publisher Forever Entertainment announced it is delaying the release date of Front Mission 2: Remake, from June 12 to an unannounced date.

The developers stated in a post that the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch had to be delayed in order to add as many properly working functions as possible, with the time needed for implementation and tests. The developers understand that players are looking forward to it. They are still dedicated to working hard on the project to deliver it as soon as possible, hoping to release the game within Q3 2023.

Front Mission 2: Remake will be coming to the Nintendo Switch at USD$34.99.

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About Front Mission 2: Remake

This game is a remake of the PlayStation classic released by Square in 1997, taking place 12 years after the original game’s events, and follows three characters Ash, Lina, and Thomas. The three initially try to escape the country of Bangladesh after a military coup overwhelms the OCU forces, until their mission changes to extracting POWs.

The game is a tactical RPG where players command pilots operating giant mechs called “Wanzers”, going through different levels from a world map. Each point on the map represents war zones and towns, where players can fight or organize and set up their units for the next encounter.

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The remake features a number of improvements, including better load times, support for several languages, a free camera to inspect the Wanzers, new color options, a new soundtrack, and improved visuals.

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