Goddess of Victory Nikke Begins Queen’s Order Event on June 1


Goddess of Victory: Nikke may be ending its Bunny 777 event, but will keep the new content rolling with the release of the Queen’s Order event, and the release of the SSR Nikke Rosanna!

The release of the event also includes a new ninja-themed costume for Sakura, the Midnight Stealth outfit which will be added to the permanent shop, as well as the return of Solo Raids on June 8, a Coordinated operation to take down Alteisen, and minor improvements to the game’s PC port including enhancing the crosshair’s responsiveness and calibration logic.

The Queen’s Order event begins on June 1

Goddess of Nikke Victory Queen’s Order

Rosanna was the target of the bomb attack in a restaurant in Hedonia’s area of jurisdiction in Outer Rim. Because of the incident, Rosanna lost everything, and the people under her protection were hurt. Now, she is determined to find the culprit, and she’ll need the help of the Commander.

Players can participate in the Queen’s Order event to obtain event-exclusive items by clearing stages and exchanging them for various rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and skill development materials in the Event Shop.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke Queens Order event 0 1

Goddess of Nikke Victory New Nikke Rosanna

Rosanna is coming to the game! This SSR Minigun-type Nikke is an Attacker from the Tetra Line. Rosanna’s skills let her gain a buff called Concealment after dealing enough hits with her minigun, causing her to be hidden from the enemy and preventing her from getting targeted by single-target attacks. When she does so, she gets a massive buff to her critical damage. Her burst deals 617.786% damage to 2 enemies, doubles that damage while concealed, and buffs the crit rate of all attacker allies by a small percentage.

The real unique part of her kit comes from her skill Capo dei Capi, which causes her to be immune from damage for 5 seconds at the start of a fight, while also buffing her attack dramatically each time an allied Nikke falls in battle, making her a fairly powerful pick when it comes to finishing off PvP rounds.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke Queens Order event 0 2

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