MOBA Shooter Second Wave is Hosting its 2nd Alpha Test on June 3 via Steam


South Korean developer Challengers Games is hosting the second round of PC alpha tests via Steam for its upcoming MOBA shooter Second Wave. A gameplay trailer was also unveiled on the developer’s official YouTube channel featuring the content you will be able to get your hands on in the test.

Scheduled to run on Steam between June 2 at 12:00 AM [UTC] and last until June 4 at 12:00 AM [UTC], the alpha test invites players from Japan, South Korea, North America, and Europe to participate. The game’s first alpha test was held between May 26 and May 27, and the two tests will be providing the same content.

Second Wave is a MOBA shooter that can be played from either first-person or third-person perspectives. Set in the war-torn continent of Armantia, the game revolves around the struggle for a unique resource known as Arcane Stone. Players will engage in battles using a variety of distinct anime-styled characters.

QooApp Second Wave 3

QooApp Second Wave 4

Second Wave is set in the vast continent of Armantia, where nations vie for the special resource Arcane Stone, contributing to scientific and technological advancements over the years. Each nation boasts notable figures who have influenced the continent’s historical timeline.

As players, you will have the opportunity to unravel who these individuals are, what has transpired, and how they became the heroes of Armantia. However, these heroes did not instigate the conflict that transformed the once-peaceful continent into a war zone. They are instead the central figures in the ongoing second wave of conflict.

QooApp Second Wave 1

QooApp Second Wave 6

The game is free-to-play, with in-game purchases limited to a cosmetic store and a battle pass system, providing unique skins and other rewards. The developers have pledged a “No Pay to Win” policy.

Through this alpha test, the developer aims to verify technical and network stability within North America and Europe and assess gameplay stability. The data collected during this period, along with user feedback, will be used to enhance the game’s final version.

QooApp Second Wave 2

QooApp Second Wave 5

Second Wave Alpha Gameplay Teaser Trailer

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