World II World is Shutting Down on July 31


Aniplex announced that it will discontinue the service of its mobile split-screen 2D side-scrolling RPG World II World on July 31, 2023 at 13:59 [JST]. The end-of-service notice came just five months after its initial launch in Japan on February 22, 2023.

World II World, a single-player RPG designed for smartphones, gained recognition for its unique gameplay which unfolds over two screens in portrait orientation. The game featured turn-based combat and an emphasis on field exploration, among other innovative elements. Despite a promising start, the service comes to an end after five months of operation.

In the official announcement, the World II World’s operation team extended their sincerest thanks to all players for their patronage and support. However, they expressed that providing a satisfactory service to players has become challenging moving forward, leading to the decision to discontinue the game.

Aniplex has outlined the timeline for the closure of the game, with sales of Gravity Stones and the 30-day Pass suspended on May 31. The game’s service will terminate on July 31, after which the company will initiate the refund process for Paid Gravity Stones. To maintain eligibility for refunds, users are advised not to delete their app or user data. Details regarding this process will be communicated soon.

New user registration will continue to be possible until the service’s termination. The team assures that refunds for ‘Paid Gravity Stones’ will be handled in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Aniplex asked for users’ patience and continued support until the service’s final day.

About World II World

World II World is a single-player RPG mobile game that offers an engaging story that unfolds across three imperiled worlds. Led by six protagonists, players must thwart an unknown entity threatening these worlds. This story-driven game delivers weekly updates in a manga-like format, fostering an interactive experience similar to following a manga series.

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The game initially features over 160 unique characters, each with individual traits and personalities. It innovatively uses a two-screen setup for 2D side-scrolling gameplay, with separate narratives progressing on the upper and lower screens simultaneously, presenting a dual story intertwined with combat encounters. This approach, previously seen on platforms like the Nintendo DS/3DS, was a first in the mobile gaming landscape.

World II World has a rating of 3.6 at QooApp Game Store.

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