KLab Transferred Aoppella’s IP Rights to Marvelous


KLab announced that the IP rights of the youth A cappella music project Aoppella has been officially transferred to Marvelous from June 1, 2023. This means that any future updates and developments to the project will all be under the production of Marvelous, instead of Klab.

First announced in Japan in March 2021, Aoppella is Klab’s first music project based on the theme of youth and acappella, and celebrated its second anniversary in March 2023, focusing on music CDs and video content.

KLab Transferred Aoppella's IP Rights to Marvelous

The voice cast includes Ryohei Kimura and a total of 17 other voice actors playing attractive characters. It has released many original songs sung acappella by male voice actors and covers of J-POP songs, and as of May 31, 2023, the videos on the official YouTube channel reach a combined number of 35 million views.

Key production members of the project team will remain with Marvelous and will continue to play a central role in the project. A letter from the producer and the team was also shared to explain the current situation.

From the Staff of Aoppella…

In a letter revealed by the production team of Aoppella, the staff expressed that they were incredibly happy that the project has been accepted by so many people. Up until now, the project has released several cover songs and original tracks and they are surprised at how well they are receiving online.

While Aoppella is now officially being handled by Marvelous, the Aoppella staff believed that they will be able to deliver their dreams and ambitions, considering their influence in various entertainment businesses.

The staff ends the letter by mentioning that a new song featuring the 17 members of the project was currently in production. “Though the place that we are has changed, it doesn’t mean that the spirit of Aoppella is gone.”

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