The Kuso Miso Technique Anime Shin Yaranaika Hits Crowdfunding Goal


The crowdfunding campaign for Shin Yaranaika, the “official” anime based on the Kuso Miso Technique manga actually hit its campaign target of JPY$8,000,000, reaching a whopping JPY$8,680,500 at the end of its campaign.

The campaign launched just a month ago on April 27, with its tiered rewards offering things like the anime’s script, Online Previews, the MP4 data and staff roll, the anime’s Blu-ray, MAD materials, and even a Blu-ray disc and bonus sponsorship mentions.

Shin Yaranaika is said to be an anime “for all ages”, which means it will (thankfully) be cutting a lot of its more graphic material and from the anime’s trailer, be doubling down on the meme value of the series that it is now largely known for. The anime is seemingly also going to be a big riff on NicoNico Douga meme culture as its trailer briefly featured the Touhou character Cirno, voiced by Miko, the singer for “Cirno’s Perfect Math Class”, which is a popular Japanese meme from 2008.

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Shin Yaranaika Anime Trailer

Shin Yaranaika anime Trailer 02

Shin Yaranaika anime Trailer 06

Shin Yaranaika anime Trailer 05

Shin Yaranaika anime Trailer 04

Shin Yaranaika anime Trailer 03

About Shin Yaranaika

Kuso Miso Technique is a homoerotic manga by Junichi Yamakawa, a pseudonym for the Japanese gaay manga artist whose works were featured in the 1980s in Barazoku magazine.

Shin Yaranaika follows the story of Masaki Michishita, a prep school student who is rushing to the bathroom until he spots a mechanic named Takakazu Abe, an overwhelmingly handsome gentleman who exchanges looks with Masaki, before slowly unzipping his overalls and asking the legendary phrase “Yaranai Ka?” which translates to “Want to do it?” The anime is rated for “all ages” and will expand on the original story while also incorporating more community in-jokes and elements from Yamakawa’s other works.

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Shin Yaranaika Anime Staff

Original Work: Junichi Yamakawa
Supervisor: Ito Maki
Screenplay: Suga Tsukasa
Scenario Work: Daisuke Kawakami
Anime Production: Anime Tokyo LLC

Shin Yaranaika Anime Cast

■ Takakazu Abe – CV: Yoshiro Sasaki
■ Masaki Michishira – CV: Sorate

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