New Bleach Mobile Game Bleach Soul Resonance is Coming Globally in 2024!


A new game was unveiled in Chinese markets called Bleach Soul Resonance 境·界 刀鸣, which many speculated the game to be related to a recent project called “Project Blade”. That speculation has ended because the developers in its official Discord, have unveiled that the project is indeed Bleach Soul Resonance, and will be coming globally next year.

The title looks to be a real-time 3D ARPG featuring accurate renders of characters from the anime, and looks to faithfully recreate the anime’s action-packed fights with beautiful 3D animations and action, letting you perform moves like slashes, parries, dodges, and more with cinematic flair, recreating some of the coolest moments like parrying Byakuya’s Senbonzakura!

Interestingly the English version of the game will not censor the game’s violence, as Zaraki Kenpachi is seen bleeding in the English Trailer but in the Chinese trailer, it’s just a black mark on his body. The characters are also seen bleeding when they get hit.

The game has opened up several social media platforms including its own website, Discord Server, Twitter Account, and Youtube Page. Players can follow the game’s social media or “Register” for the game on its official website for more details as soon as it’s available.

*Update: Bleach Soul Resonance has unveiled its info on English social media platforms and will be launching globally!

Bleach Soul Resonance Trailer

About Bleach Soul Resonance

Bleach Soul Resonance is a 3D action RPG that’s based heavily on the Bleach anime series, aiming to recreate the game’s key moments and actions, while leaving all of it in the player’s control.

Bleach Soul Resonance English Announce 0 1

Players can control Ichigo Kurosaki as he goes through battles like the Soul Society Arc, fighting enemies like the soul reapers, all while the game is animated and presented in 3D with impressive visuals and fast-paced action.

Bleach Soul Resonance English Announce 0 3

The game will feature multiple characters and arcs, such as the Soul Society Arc, Hueco Mundo Arc, Fake Karakura town, and several zanpakutos such as the Sode Shirayuki, Senbonsakura, Kyoka Suigetsu, and many more!

Bleach Soul Resonance English Announce 0 2

Bleach Soul Resonance English Announce 0 4

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