Hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation is Debuting its 3D Models Starting on July 14


Nearly 3 years after the debut of Hololive Indonesia‘s 2nd generation of Vtubers, Pavolia Reine, Kureiji Ollie, and Anya Melissa will finally be getting their 3D models starting on July 14!

The trio will be debuting their 3D models 1 week apart from each other, starting with Pavolia Reine‘s model on July 14, 22:00 [JST]. Kureiji Ollie will follow a week later on July 21, 22:00 [JST], then Anya Melfissa a week after hers on July 28, 22:00 [JST].

The three will then collaborate on an upcoming “Horoshow” on the hololive Indonesia youtube channel. This show begins at the same time as the others but on July 29, a day after Anya’s 3D Debut.

About Hololive ID 2nd Generation

Hololive Indonesia’s 2nd generation, also known as holoro by the community is the 2nd wave of Vtubers joining the VTuber Agency Hololive’s Indonesian branch. The group debuted individually between December 4, and December 6.

Kureiji Ollie is an eccentric, hyperactive zombie high school girl who has risen from her grave! Relying on her memories of when she was still alive, she goes home only to find out it’s been converted into a ramen shop! To get her home back, she decided to become a VTuber, joining the members of Hololive, the beloved VTuber group she’s loved for so long!

hololive id 2nd gen new outfits 006

Anya Melfissa is an ancient weapon known as a Keris, that was given a human form after a ritual ceremony performed by her master. With a love of sleeping and playing video games, despite being quite apathetic towards humans, she has a childlike passion and joy, and expresses it when talking about the things she likes!

hololive id 2nd gen new outfits 005

Pavolia Reine, lady of the Peafowl and student of Magic, was accidentally transferred to the human world after a magic ritual went wrong. Since then she’s been unable to use her magic and instead took to a life of becoming a VTuber. While she appears quite elegant, she’s actually quite a dork, and her signature car engine laugh is sure to make anyone smile!

hololive id 2nd gen new outfits 007

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