【Qoo攻略】Monster Hunter Explore Q & A (English Ver.)



MHXR was released on Android platform recently. Beginners may have question on how to activate your skills, raise your Hunter Rank(HR) or even multi-play with your friends. We have provide a simple Q n A for MHXR beginners.

I. Where to download and install Monster Hunter Explore (MHXR)?

There is an easy way to download MHXR thought it is a Japanese game.

1. Go here: http:https://en-news.qoo-app.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/12https://en-news.qoo-app.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/12apk.qoo-app.comhttps://en-news.qoo-app.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/12
2. Download “Qooapp”
*Suggest to run it via mobile devices.
3. After apk is downloaded, you can run and install.
4. Open your Qooapp after installation and tap the Magnifying glass on top right corner.
5. Search “Monster Hunter Explore”.
6. MHXR should be the first result, then install it.
7. Done! If you need to update MHXR in future, just simply use Qooapp again.


II. How to raise your Hunter Rank (HR)

HR determines what quest you could take. With higher HR, you can access to advanced level quests.

In MHXR, players need to collect some artifacts during your single storyline. Each of them will give you a certain number of ATK, DEF and LIFE stones. (輝石) Players can use 10 of those stones to level up your HR in the Treasure House (宝物庫). Also, your characters status would be upgraded permanently.


III. Location of artifacts.

You could also find it on Famitsu (ファミ通) website (LINK) .


IV. Relationship between the elements

Fire > Ice > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire

Example: Player can use Fire weapon to cause more damage to Lagombi.


V. How to get ☆3 gears?

You need to reach HR25 first which is the min. requirement. The schedule of timed monster quest could be checked by pressing the “スケジュール” (Schedule) button on the top right corner in the matching(マッチ) lobby. Time is displayed in JST (GMT+9).


VI. Daily Event Quest for Materials

Player can get all kind of materials in “強化素材ツアー” event but the probability of obtaining high rank materials is very low. You are suggested to play Normal (中級)level quests during weekday and make good use of weekend quest for farming low rank materials. The info. column is showing which type of materials you can get from the quest.


VII. Do I need to join a Guild (狩猟団)

It’s up to you. Members can get an additional reward by completing the Bingo Card Mission. It does not affect your game with other players or challenge of special quests at this moment. When your guild completes a single line bingo, all members will be entitled with an additional chance for getting extra rewards. (Max. 100%)

12MH 07

VIII. Why I can’t leave the guild (狩猟団)

Players have to wait 72 hours after joining the guild.


IX. Does this game support real-time multi-play?

YES! Or you could solo play event quests.


X. Can I preview ☆4 gears?

Follow the steps below and you could find a lot of awesome weapons and equipment ! Zinogre gear set looks really COOOOL!


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