Destiny Child is Shutting Down on September 21


Shiftup announced that it is shutting down all the servers of the Destiny Child Mobile game on September 21. The game launched in October 2016, and the game will have been live for just short of 7 years when it shuts down.

The announcement was made on Shiftup’s official blog post on its account on the Cafe Naver website. The developers thanked the players for sticking with the game for the last 2458 days since its launch and said it will be thanking its players by having the Ragna Break and Ragna Burst event continue as normal, and will also be gifting players resources in the form of 30,000 gems, 1,000,000 gold, 3,000 stamina, and 3 premium summon tickets sent to their mailbox every day. Players can also purchase every package in the shop for free until the end of the game.

The game will also be hosting a memorial concert online, and towards the end of the game’s lifespan, it will receive a Memorial Update where players can still open up the app to look back on the game’s story, their characters, and the Hot Spring. Players that want to retain their information need to link to the memorial app can do so after August 17 through an in-game setting before the game shuts down.

About Destiny Child

Destiny Child is a strategy RPG developed by Shiftup, the same brains behind its latest project Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and both games are known to have fairly risque designs for their buxom female characters.

The game has you building teams of 5 characters facing off against monsters in turn-based combat, with each character automatically attacking enemies with skills you can activate manually, or automatically. The game features impressive Live2D animation with an elemental weakness system, PVP, dungeons, and other game modes.

Destiny Child has a rating of 4.4 on the QooApp Game Store.

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