Gintama: Gathering 3D Action Mobile RPG Unveiled at ChinaJoy 2023


Bandai Namco Entertainment has unveiled a new Gintama mobile game titled Gintama: Gathering (银魂集结), which is set to release sometime in China. The game is handled by 7road Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment with support from Aniplex.

ChinaJoy 2023 Gintama Venue 0 1

The game had its own section as part of the Bandai Namco Entertainment booth at ChinaJoy 2023, where a trailer was streaming and fans could snap a photo with Elizabeth. The game has since opened up a website for pre-registration in China, with a full trailer showing off its impressive 3D Visuals along with several scenes from the early parts of the anime, including the eventual fight Gintoki and Katsura have against Shunsuke Takasugi’s group on his ship.

While the trailer didn’t show any actual gameplay, one of the screenshots shows Shinpachi kneeling in front of Elizabeth at an angle resembling a 2D fighter with its in-engine rendering, suggesting the gameplay may be closer to a traditional beat-em-up.

Gintama Gathering China Joy Unveil 0 1

Gintama Gathering China Joy Unveil 0 3

Gintama Gathering China Joy Unveil 0 4

Gintama Gathering China Joy Unveil 0 5

Gintama: Gathering Official Trailer

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