Hololive VTuber Houshou Marine Gets Her Own Tsugunohi Spin-Off Game on August 11


The popular Japanese story-based horror game Tsugunohi announced that the title is collaborating with Hololive 3rd Generation VTuber Houshou Marine, featuring the idol in her own story on a pirate ship in a game called Truth of Beauty Witch -Marine’s treasure ship-

Much like with the Evil God Korone game in the Tsugunohi series, this title is a standalone product and doesn’t require having the original game before playing. The game will be coming to PC via Steam where you can currently Wishlist for the title.

Truth of Beauty Witch -Marine’s treasure ship-

Truth of Beauty Witch -Marine’s Treasure ship- Story

Truth of Beauty Witch – Marine’s Treasure Ship- is a horror game where players take on the role of the newest member of Houshou Marine’s pirate crew! While you were entranced by Marine’s beauty, upon entering the ship you notice something incredibly odd is happening, as the ship is bereft of crew members and a strange mist permeates the ship.

Houshou Marine Tsuginohi 0 4

Houshou Marine Tsuginohi 0 5

As you explore the ship and get familiarized with it, you begin to see more unsettling sights and discover horrifying secrets. Will you be able to escape this ship with all of its secrets unscathed?

The game is said to feature several easter eggs based on Houshou Marine’s time as a Vtuber including works from her fans and her own memes, so try to see if you can find them all within the game!

Houshou Marine Tsuginohi 0 3

Houshou Marine Tsuginohi 0 2

Houshou Marine Tsuginohi 0 1

About Houshou Marine

Houshou Marine is a Vtuber under Hololive and made her debut as part of the company’s 3rd generation of Japanese Vtubers. She is as of writing the most subscribed VTuber in Japan with over 2.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

The self-described Captain of the Houshou Pirates, she loves jewels, treasure, and dreams of going on a pirate adventure someday, working as a VTuber to one day create her own pirate ship and set sail on the great sea, which means right now she’s really just a girl cosplaying as a pirate.

Marine is known for her lack of restraint as she’s often making obscene jokes and mocking her seniors and viewers, while often trying to seduce her fellow members and audience, often to no avail. She lists her age as 17 though this number has been repeated for numerous years and given that her knowledge of internet culture from the early 2000’s runs deep along with her love of Touhou, she’s older than she lets on.

Houshou Marine Tsuginohi 0 6

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