NetEase Announces T-Minus Zero Entertainment Game Studio led by Bioware and Bethesda Veterans


NetEase has announced the founding of a new development studio in Austin Texas, called T-Minus Zero Entertainment.

T-Minus Zero Entertainment is currently developing an online multiplayer-focused third-person action title set in a sci-fi universe. The studio is currently based in Austin Texas, and will be NetEase’s first-party development studio, aiming to produce high-quality AAA titles.

The studio is being led by industry veterans Rich Vogel and Mark Tucker. Rich Vogel was the senior producer for Ultima Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Mark Tucker was the former design director at Bethesda, working as a game designer for the past 22 years.

The studio has also hired Jeff Dobson as the Art Director, who was known for his role at Bioware for 14 years, and Scott Malone as the Vice President of Operations during his mixed time at both Zenimax and Bethesda over 11 years.

The president of Global Investments at NetEase, Simon Zhu stated “T-Minus Zero Entertainment has been built with an inspiring roster of talented veterans with unparalleled industry knowledge and the passion to create wholly original gaming experiences”. Suggesting the company will be focused solely on original IPs and “new experiences”.

About T-Minus Zero Entertainment

T-Minus Zero Entertainment is a AAA first-party development studio that is part of NetEase Games. The studio is working towards a mission to create epic, immersive worlds where players from around the globe play together to form strong vibrant communities around its titles.

The studio is Headquartered in Austin, TX but with global reach, T-Minus Zero Entertainment is led by industry veteran Rich Vogel, an experienced studio head who led development on Ultima Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, along with other industry veterans from Bioware and Bethesda, and is currently hiring more staff to join its studio.

T-Minus Zero Entertainment

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