Crime Adventure Game DesperaDrops Launches on November 30 for Nintendo Switch in Japan


D3 Publisher has revealed the release date of DesperaDrops, which is scheduled to release on November 30, 2023 for Nintendo Switch in Japan. The crime adventure game blends romance and suspense elements depicting life on the run of six criminals.

Collaboratively produced by the D3P Otome branch and Red Entertainment, DesperaDrops is now available for pre-order at a price of JPY$7480. The crime suspense is set in the summer of 2028, exploring the human condition of the innocently accused protagonist and her companions across various European locales. The main character design is by Yūsuke Kozaki, and the scenarios are penned by popular writer Ririka Yoshimura.

Set in Italy’s Bologna, the protagonist Mika Amamine (CV: Mika Okamoto) finds herself accused of murder while on a short trip to Rome. A subsequent accident with the transport vehicle leaves her free, forcing her to escape with six other criminals in the vehicle. Targeted by both the police and mysterious attackers seeking the protagonist’s power to read strong emotions and memories, DesperaDrops paints a thrilling tale of love and escape.

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The release date announcement of DesperaDrops came with the unveiling of the main characters and their respective voice actors. With Mika Okamoto as the protagonist, the main cast includes Ryōta Suzuki, Kazuki Katō, Ryōta Takeuchi, Yūto Uemura, Shinnosuke Tachibana, and Kanae Itō. An opening movie with the theme song “Escape from this World” by Japanese duo Zwei is also revealed.

DesperaDrops Opening Movie

DesperaDrops Story

In the summer of 2028, Mika Amamine, studying abroad at a university in Bologna, Italy, had come to Rome for a short trip with friends to celebrate the end of exams. However, during that trip, she encounters a murder incident and is subsequently arrested as a suspect.

While being transported in a police vehicle, it suddenly overturns an accident, freeing Mika along with six other criminals who were in transit with her. They all become fugitives.

Mysterious attackers appear, targeting the unique “power” that Mika possesses, and the seven of them find themselves pursued by both the police and the attackers.

The secret is hidden within Mika’s power, the identity of the attackers, and the truth behind the murder incident that started it all… Can they unravel these mysteries and reclaim a peaceful daily life?

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DesperaDrops Character & Cast

Innocent Fugitive Protagonist
■ Mika Amamine (Surname fixed, only the first name can be changed) – CV: Mika Okamoto

Age: 21
Height: 162cm
Hometown: Yokohama (Japan)
Charge: Murder

– “I swear! I didn’t kill anyone! This is all a misunderstanding!”

A Japanese university student studying abroad in Italy. Encountered a murder in Rome and was wrongfully arrested. Inherently a good person, finds it difficult to do anything wrong and is reluctant to lead a fugitive life. From birth, possesses the ability to read strong emotions and memories of those she touches, always wearing gloves to prevent unintentional reading.

QooApp DesperaDrops C01

Romanceable Characters:

Lone Wolf Rejecting Others
■ Ash Meyer – CV: Ryōta Suzuki

Age: 22
Birthday: October 13
Height: 182cm
Hometown: Barden (Switzerland)
Charge: Assault

– “What a pain… I prefer being alone.”

A youth living from place to place after abandoning his hometown. Prefers solitude, and avoids conversation with others, a taciturn lone wolf. Often challenged to fights due to his unsociable appearance; violence is never far away. Enjoys riding vehicles, especially motorcycles, to which he’s very attached. Impressive driving skills, but the roughness borders on miraculous accident avoidance.

QooApp DesperaDrops C02

Con Artist Painting Himself with Lies
■ Hamiel Luis – CV: Kazuki Katō

Age: 26
Birthday: June 7
Height: 185cm
Hometown: Blanas (Spain)
Charge: Fraud

– “Hey hey, are you serious? You really have a foolish head on your shoulders.”

A playboy-looking con artist. Good with people and skilled at guiding others’ emotions with smooth talk but often laces conversation with sarcasm. Often in trouble with others due to strong self-assertiveness. Skilled in cheating at gambling and disguise.

QooApp DesperaDrops C03

Silent Sniper Fleeing Police for Killing a Colleague
■ Gib Baltzer – CV: Ryōta Takeuchi

Age: 38
Birthday: November 17
Height: 191cm
Hometown: Rothenburg (Germany)
Charge: Murder

– “Wait. …Refrain from acting on your own.”

A former police officer on the run for killing his colleague. Formerly a special forces member, highly skilled in firearms, especially as a sniper. Always calm and collected, serves as the leader among the fugitives. Practical, but struggles to connect with younger generations. Widowed.

QooApp DesperaDrops C04

Thief Who Never Lets Targeted Prey Escape
■ Ramie Carrière – CV: Yūto Uemura

Age: 19
Height: 172cm
Birthday: July 16
Hometown: Annecy (France)
Charge: Theft

– “No, no, I’m not just a pickpocket. I’m the great thief Ramie!”

A self-proclaimed “Great Thief Ramy,” targeting the wealthy. Skilled with hands for pickpocketing and lockpicking. Agile like a cat, skilled in acrobatics. Friendly mood-maker but extremely hates being touched.

QooApp DesperaDrops C07

Love’s Earth Warrior Fighting Evil to Protect Nature
■ Camu Einhard – CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Age: 25
Birthday: February 7
Height: 180cm
Hometown: Hallstatt (Austria)
Charge: Possession of Dangerous Objects, Vandalism

– “A-Are you talking to me? The, the, the Yamato Nadeshiko of Japan!?”

A revolutionary who calls himself a “Love’s Earth Warrior” and acts for environmental protection. A fan of Japan’s comics and Japanese culture. Often lost in his world and has no friends of the same age due to shyness. Pure-hearted and generally avoids conflicts.

QooApp DesperaDrops C05

KAWAII Hacker with Zero Guilt Consciousness
■ Sally Del Testa – CV: Kanae Itō

Age: 18
Birthday: April 20
Height: 156cm
Hometown: Chiusa (Italy)
Charge: Cyber Crime

– “Of course! Sally’s a genius hacker. There’s no information I can’t access.”

A genius hacker who loves Japanese Harajuku fashion. Accessed various information illegally, committed numerous cybercrimes but prefers not to be called a cracker due to lack of guilt. Afraid of elevators due to a past incident.

QooApp DesperaDrops C06

DesperaDrops Gameplay

In this ADV game, players will assume the role of the protagonist, Mika Amamine (Surname fixed, first name customizable). If the default name “ミカ (Mika)” is chosen, characters in the game will recognize and call you by that name, as the main character and others are fully voiced.

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The story of DesperaDrops unfolds through conversations displayed in a message window. At various points, players will be given choices that affect character relationships and the main character’s status. These decisions lead to different scenario outcomes and influence the direction of the game.

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During the story, special missions called Mission Mode may occur. Here, players must cooperate with all characters, watching through a six-part split surveillance camera and giving precise instructions to successfully complete the missions. An incorrect command or running out of time can result in game over, but fear not, as there’s always an option to go back to the last choice or the start of the mission.

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Players can also monitor the progress of DesperaDrops through a feature called the Flowchart. This allows one to check the game’s progression and begin from any scene previously completed. This ensures a thorough understanding of the storyline, characters, and the choices that have been made.

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The game also includes a glossary where characters explain various terms that appear in the story. Additionally, there’s a gallery section for players to relive and enjoy the event CGs, movies, BGM, and other aesthetic aspects encountered throughout the story.

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