Survival Sandbox Mobile Game Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Launches on September 1


Coregames announced that the survival sandbox mobile game Dusk of Dragons: Survivors will be launching worldwide on September 1. Set in a magical medieval kingdom filled with dragons and enchantment, players are tasked to train dragons, build their own bases, and unite to battle the undead!

If you can’t wait to step into this whimsical adventure, don’t forget to join the pre-registration campaign, which comes with an exclusive gift code, in addition to the pre-registration rewards!

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Players Worldwide, Attention Please! The wait is almost over! Mark Your Calendars for the 1st of September 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be globally launching Dusk of Dragons: Survivors on Sep. 1 at 8:00 AM UTC. Thank you for going on this ride with us! We know we both have been waiting for this moment for so long! To celebrate, we have prepared a lot of gift code events, you can get more info at the end of this announcement.

The full version will be available for both IOS and Android devices. Players can download an emulator to play our game on PC. Besides, we will open more new game servers. The full version supports 10 languages, including English, German (Deutsch), French (Français), Portuguese (Português), Spanish (Español), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文), Korean (한국어), Japanese (日本語) and Russian (Русский). More languages are on the way, leave a comment below to let us know which languages you want us to support next!

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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is a Survival Sandbox Game that transports players to a magical medieval kingdom filled with dragons and enchantment.

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Trailer

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Game Features

Hatch Diverse Dragons

Train and nurture your own mighty dragons to fight alongside you. Each dragon possesses unique abilities and strengths, adding a strategic element to your gameplay.

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Team up and Unlock Exclusive Instances

Join forces with friends and other players to challenge instances that reward you with exclusive loot and rare items.

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Explore Random Maps with Boss Encounters

Traverse a variety of dynamically generated maps filled with hidden treasures, dangerous traps, and powerful bosses. Each playthrough offers a fresh and exciting experience, keeping you on your toes at all times.

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Build and Customize Your Camp

Construct a personalized camp that serves as your refuge from harsh elements. Hire butlers to help you organize your different kinds of items. Summon squires to help you collect resources. Create and upgrade structures and design defenses to keep your camp safe from bloodthirsty zombies and other threats.

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Experience Primitive Survival

Immerse yourself in a realistic environment where survival instincts are put to the test. Combat extreme weather conditions, manage your hunger and thirst, and adapt to the ever-changing world around you.

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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Pre-registration Campaigns

A pre-registration campaign for Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is ongoing until its official release on September 1! Pre-register HERE to get an exclusive gift code. More rewards will also be unlocked according to the pre-registration tiers!

The specific goals are as below:
5K Players Reach = Steel Axe ×1 and Steel Pickaxe ×1*Clear
10K Players Reach = Gold ×1000*Clear
20K Players Reach = Magic Spring ×3*Clear
30K Players Reach = Diamond ×300*Clear
40K Players Reach = Ancient Silver Coin ×10*Clear
50K Players Reach = Ancient Gold Coin ×10
70K Players Reach = Limited Avatar Frame ×1

There’s also a Content Creator Event, which rewards those who create videos about Dusk of Dragons: Survivors with in-game Diamonds and Game Vouchers!

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