Blue Lock Project: World Champion Reroll Guide and Beginner Tips


Fans of Blue Lock will rejoice, as the soccer manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro has recently released a mobile game available in Japan! It’s up to the player to grow and develop the skills of their soccer players in this simulation game, and create the ultimate soccer team!

Blue Lock Project: World Champion features the original Japanese voiceovers by the anime cast, setting the stage to introduce its players to the worldview of the popular series. As the newest assistant in the Blue Lock program, you will train each athlete 1-on-1 to empower their speed, stamina, technique, and other important stats needed to win matches! Alongside fluid Live 2D animations, Rudel’s first release in the mobile play store endeavors to recreate the manga’s beloved story for fans and new entrants alike!

This beginner’s guide aims to assist new players who haven’t played simulation games before and doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the series to get started. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you get started!

Is Reroll Necessary in Blue Lock Project: World Champion?

Rerolling in Blue Lock Project: World Champion isn’t necessary but is highly encouraged if you want to get ahead or your favorite athlete is currently on rate up. Check out the following steps to reroll your desired characters in the most efficient way!

1.Open Blue Lock Project: World Champion and go through the cutscenes.
2.Watch the soccer match and tap through the textboxes that show up.
3.Enter your name and preferred pronoun – Boku (boy) or Watashi (girl).
4.Continue the game’s cutscenes and soccer match until you reach the Home Screen; skip the soccer match once the option is available.
5.From the Home Screen, collect your rewards from the Present Box. 
6. Go to the Gacha page, and redeem your 3-Star Athlete and two 11x rolls from the Ticket Banner.
7.Redeem your free 11x roll, and two free 1x rolls from the different banners, and spend your Blue Gems on any banner of your choice.
8.If you aren’t satisfied with the results of your rolls, return to the Title Screen via “タイトルヘ”.
9.Back at the Title Screen, tap Menu on the top right, and then tap Account Deletion via “アカウント削除”. Confirm your intent to delete your Account Data. 
10.The game will reset back to the Title Screen but will display a new window once you accept the terms and services. Tap the left button to skip the Tutorial and move to the Home Screen.
11.Repeat steps 5 through 10 until you obtain your desired athletes!
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Blue Lock Project: World Champion Beginner Tips

Tip #1 – Highest Card Rarity Doesn’t Mean It is the Best

Leveling your athletes may seem small, or even insignificant at first glance, especially without many levels put into them. However, raising an athlete to a high enough level will allow you to easily complete the Training Program in Blue Lock Project and grants you, powerful soccer players! 

Blue Lock Project: World Champion Reroll Guide and Beginner Tips

Unlike most gacha games, duplicates of different athletes are highly encouraged in Blue Lock Project as this raises their level cap. It might be tempting to default to using a 3-Star Athlete without any limit breaks, but a better choice might be a 1 or 2-Star character that you have obtained many times. All athletes have a maximum level cap of level 80, so don’t feel restricted based on rarity alone.

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Focusing your resources on a single team will propel your progress in Blue Lock Project: World Champion, as an athlete’s type, doesn’t directly affect your team’s chances of winning a soccer match. Having a small but powerful team of athletes is also recommended for Training new soccer players you might have obtained from the gacha!

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Tip #2 – Be Efficient With Your Training Sessions!

In Blue Lock Project, the player is given a certain number of turns to improve the stats of their chosen athlete during a Training Session. It is important to keep an eye on an athlete’s condition, which can be one of five possible conditions: EXTREME, Best, Good, Not Bad, and Awful. An athlete starts at the ‘Best’ condition, but will slowly go down as you practice different skills with him. 

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With a higher condition, the efficiency of each practice session will be higher on average. On the other hand, having a condition of ‘Not Bad’ and ‘Awful’ will result in poor gains in different stats. Therefore, give your athlete a Rest when his condition falls to ‘Good’ so that you have a chance of obtaining the ‘EXTREME’ state and minimize inefficiency in practicing the athlete’s skills.

The ‘EXTREME’ condition is an amazing opportunity to significantly raise your athlete’s stats, potentially rewarding multipliers of up to 500%! However, this is a double-edged sword; once the condition resolves, your athlete will be dropped back to the ‘Good’ condition, and you cannot Rest while under this status.

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Tip #3 – Prioritize Special Practice Cards and Cards With Many Athletes

Picking what stats to train in Blue Lock Project has some strategic elements to it, as you’ll have the chance of obtaining a high amount of stat points in a single turn, or even a new skill! 

You’ll occasionally encounter golden Practice Cards while Training, which provide a high amount of stats compared to regular Practice Cards and grant your athlete a skill to help in soccer matches; don’t pass these cards up!

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Every time you select a Practice Card, you’re treated to a lecture which can possibly increase more stats or provide a skill for your athlete. Practice Cards with two or more support members have a higher chance of providing bonuses even if the Card doesn’t necessarily focus on a stat you want, but you should still take these Cards unless it boosts a very low stat or Golden Practice Cards are present.

Certain Golden Practice Cards may appear depending on who is on the Support Team, and are indicated by ‘Special Lecture’. Pick these cards when you see them, as they have a high chance of granting a new, powerful skill! Furthermore, if more than one member of the Support Team shows up when picking this Practice Card, then your athlete will receive an even greater bonus to his stats depending on which option you choose!

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Tip #4 – Spend All Your Energy Farming Character Pieces in Events

Unless you’re willing to spend a lot to max out your athletes in Blue Lock Project, it’s best to conserve your energy-recovering items for these types of events. As you only need a single copy of an athlete to be able to use them in gameplay, trying to fish more copies out of the gacha is a tough challenge. As a new player, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to tackle the higher-difficulty soccer matches, so you’ll be forced to farm the easier matches even if they aren’t as efficient. 

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A high recommended power level can seem daunting, but as long as you have roughly close to the same amount of power you might be able to win if your team has good skills and strategy. Don’t be afraid to attempt a difficult quest and see if your current team can win the match!

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Tip #5 – Pick the Right Strategy for Your Team!

No matter how powerful your soccer team may be, a poor strategy can lead to a disastrous outcome in Blue Lock Project. Therefore, taking the time to assign positions and a strategy that suits your athletes can help them make the most of their abilities.

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An athlete’s Shoot Range affects how far he can be in order to make a shot; in other words, if he isn’t close enough to the other team’s goal, he won’t be able to attempt to score. Characters with the ‘Middle’ Shoot Range, such as Rensuke Kunigami, need to be in either the midfielder or forward position to attempt a shot.

Don’t try to set every member of your team as a forward or midfielder position; a good defense can help save matches, after all.

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Another major component of your team’s game plan is the strategy used during the match, and you will have three different strategies to choose from:

  • Play aggressively and attempt to score a goal whenever possible
  • Dribble the ball near the opponent’s goal and attempt to score
  • Pass the ball between different team members to move the ball to the opponent’s goal and attempt the score
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Your team members will benefit more from certain plans over others; Chigiri Hyoma’s high Speed and Technique stats make him well-suited for dribbling the ball toward the goal, but other characters such as Rensuke Kunigami may not perform as well under the same strategy. There isn’t a single strategy that works for every team, so experiment to see which strategy works best for your athletes.

Blue Lock Project: World Champion is a Great Entry Into the Series

Blue Lock Project: World Champion provides a casual experience that does its job as a gateway into the series. Gameplay is simple and requires no technical skills, allowing its players to simply enjoy what the series has to offer without worrying about committing to the game long-term. Though the game’s content is rather barebones at the current moment, this mobile game is an excellent opportunity for players curious about Blue Lock to experience why this sports manga is beloved by its fans!

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