Black Stigma is a PvP Action Shooter with Actions Created by Squid Game’s Stunt Team


South Korean game development BoldPlay Games has unveiled its latest project, Black Stigma, a third-person action shooter that focuses on assassin-versus-assassin combat scenarios. A gameplay video has also been released to provide the first look at its PvP-oriented gameplay. This game aims to set itself apart from existing first-person shooters by integrating mid-range gunplay and unique Active Skills based on real-world martial arts techniques.

Players take on roles of specialized assassins, known as Masters, each equipped with unique gear and skills based on real-life martial arts. The game’s action was directed by the Best Stunt Team, which is in charge of the actions in Netflix’s world-hit Korean drama, Squad Game.

Black Stigma also offers a range of combat support and booster items to tailor gameplay to individual skills. With a variety of settings, from mansions to subways, the game’s Kill Them All mode emphasizes tactical skills and teamwork in a no-respawn, round-based format.

The game is in development for an early-access release on Steam in the first half of 2024, with a global test planned for early October this year. BoldPlay Games is led by key staff like Lee JinGyun, who was key in developing the game engine for the online FPS, Point Blank.

Black Stigma Gameplay

Black Stigma is an upcoming third-person action shooter that blends the complexities of close combat with precision handgun shooting. Developed by BoldPlay Games, the game centers around intense PvP confrontations among assassins, or Masters, who are each endowed with a unique set of skills and attributes for varied tactical gameplay. Drawing inspiration from real-world martial arts, the game allows players to use Master-specific gear and techniques to take down opponents.

QooApp Black Stigma 01

QooApp Black Stigma 02

The game’s active skills serve as secondary weapons, dodging mechanisms, and counterattacks. Black Stigma introduces various combat support items, including passive skills and booster items. These elements collectively improve a character’s combat performance, making the game accessible even for players who may not be proficient in advanced shooting techniques.

QooApp Black Stigma 03

QooApp Black Stigma 04

The diverse maps include settings like mansions, underground bunkers, and subways. These environments form the backdrop for the game’s main mode, Kill Them All, a no-respawn, round-based competition that puts a premium on tactical skills and teamwork.

QooApp Black Stigma 05

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