Reverse: 1999 unveils a new character trailer for Sonetto, alongside the announcement of Nendoroid and Apex-Toys figures.


The 20th-century time travel strategic RPG, Reverse: 1999 has its eyes set on a worldwide release on October 26th, 2023, on iOS, Android, and PC platforms. Players can pre-register now at the official website.  

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Reverse: 1999 is a time travel strategic RPG where a mysterious phenomenon called the “Storm” has unwound history as we’ve known it to be written. Playing as the timekeeper, Vertin, who seems to be immune to the power of the “Storm,“ players will traverse through an alternate history fueled by magic and mystery. Will you be able to stop the unravelling of history? Or will the “Storm” erase everything in sight?

The recent trailer introduced the world to Sonetto, Vertin’s friend and chief assistant. Sonetto is the top-ranked student who grew up in the foundation, but she has always been interested in what is offered outside of the foundation.

Due to being sheltered away from life’s experiences, she often makes ridiculous mistakes while accompanying Vertin on her mission. Sonetto can cast spells from her glass pen.

Reverse: 1999_Nendoroid

As announced at Wonder Festival in Shanghai, Nendoroid is commemorating these two friends in collectable figures for players to own. The Nendoroids of Vertin and Sonetto will be produced and sold by Good Smile Arts Shanghai.

Reverse: 1999_Pending

In addition, APEX-TOYS confirmed their plan to produce the scale figure of Sonetto.

Reverse: 1999_Sonetto

Figures from both companies are coming soon, so fans can stay tuned for information on when and how to purchase them. Reverse: 1999 is set to launch globally on October 26th on iOS, Android, and PC platforms. Pre-register now to receive a free 5-star character once the game launches. Please follow the game on X / Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for all up-to-date information on the game.

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