AAA Multiplayer Action Game “One Punch Man: World” Now Opens its SEA Pre-Registration


The highly anticipated multiplayer action game, “One Punch Man: World,” is now available for pre-registration! Developed by Perfect World and authorized by the One Punch Man production committee, this AAA game offers a thrilling experience. Pre-register today (Dec. 21) to receive exciting rewards such as Saitama – Job Hunting, Disclosure Privilege x10, Energy x600, and World Silver x600.


“One Punch Man: World” offers an immersive IP experience and a variety of satisfying gameplay battles.

Not only does it faithfully recreate the original storyline, but it also adds complementary content that stays true to the original work. The additional content includes fleeting characters, events, and plot clues from the anime. Players can experience the hidden stories of “One Punch Man” from a first-person perspective, witnessing the events that took place in unnoticed corners. Additionally, to cater to players’ preferences for different characters, “One Punch Man: World” features Hero Biography quests that allow players to delve deep into each character’s unique storyline and discover another side of them.

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“One Punch Man: World”, a top-tier multiplayer action game, offers players a thrilling gaming experience on par with PC ACT games. With a strong focus on offense and defense, players can seamlessly execute counterattacks after evading or blocking, and gain an advantage by exploiting enemy vulnerabilities. By unleashing different skill combinations, players can chain together fluid combos and unleash powerful bursts of attacks. During battles, players can unleash their hero’s ultimate skill, delivering a devastating blow to their foes accompanied by dazzling skill animations. The challenging boss levels test players’ skills and strategies as they face new attack patterns and skills.


If you think “One Punch Man: World” is just a simple action game where you defeat monsters, you couldn’t be more mistaken. “One Punch Man: World” offers a variety of different gameplay styles to make the game more diverse and appealing to different types of players.


The Air Chase feature provides an exhilarating combat experience, while the Stealth mode challenges players’ strategic thinking in specific situations. What’s even more intriguing is that the game includes dedicated levels where you can actually play as a monster. So, in addition to living the life of a hero, you can also indulge in your desire to control and experience the thrill of being a monster.

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Experience the abundance of pre-registration rewards with just a simple tap!

During the pre-registration period of “One Punch Man: World”, players will be treated to a wealth of enticing rewards! In addition to essential in-game items like World Silver and Energy, the game also offers exclusive perks such as Disclosure Privilege (drawing tickets) as pre-registrations reach 1 million, 1.5 million, and 2 million. Those lucky enough may even unlock rare SR Impression Arms and Namecard backgrounds from the “One Punch Man: World” universe! But that’s not all – if the number of pre-registrations surpasses 3 million, players will receive an even greater bonus. With 10 Disclosure Privilege and the opportunity to play as the Saitama – Job Hunting, there’s no reason not to join the excitement and defeat villains alongside him. Hurry and reserve your spot on the official website now!

One Punch Man: World | SEA Perfect World Games Rate: 3.2 Install