Love and Deepspace Announces the Big Day for Global Launch


Infold Games, the talented team behind the hugely popular “Nikki” and “Mr. Love” series, today announces that its highly anticipated semi-realistic 3D dating mobile title, Love and Deepspace, is out now on iOS and Android platforms.

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Over 15 million players have signed up during the game’s pre-registration period, with Infold Games set to take players on a journey into a sci-fi universe where love knows no bounds. To celebrate the launch of Love and Deepspace, an exclusive community event has been available for players, starting on 17th January. Players can record their feelings about the enigmatic characters in Love and Deepspace or their hopes for the game. These messages from within the game, entwined with the characters’ confessions, will have a chance to be carried by a satellite far into Deepspace.

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Packed with immersive cutscenes, carefully crafted storylines, and an in-depth RPG combat experience, Love and Deepspace invites players on a dangerous and romantic adventure to explore unknown civilizations and protect humanity’s hope in the role of a formidable Deepspace Hunter. Discovering the mystery behind an unusual transmission that sparked a curiosity for space exploration, fellow Deepspace Hunters will soon learn that new civilizations may not be as friendly as they seem…

Battling ‘Wanderers’, the fearsome in-game enemies threatening the entire human race, will be no easy feat. Through special ‘Evol’ abilities and ‘Memories’, it will be up to the player to eliminate these creatures with the help of three close companions. Xavier, the Deepspace Hunter; Rafayel, the passionate artist; or Zayne, the cardiac surgeon, all of whom will fight for justice and romance.

Love and Deep

Bringing the player’s character and love interests to life in a stunning, semi-realistic 3D art style immerses the player directly into the game. It is designed to provide a fresh visual experience. Exciting and intimate interactions with one, two, or all of Love and Deepspace’s charismatic bachelors are the only way players will be able to get to know them.

Sarah Brightman joins the fight for love – and Deepspace – by performing the game’s opening theme song, ‘Love and Deepspace’. With her ethereal voice, Sarah reminisces about the enigmatic tale that has dissolved in the annals of history.

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