MMORPG <ROM: Remember of Majesty> Global Beta Test is live on 23 Jan 2024!


Redlab Games announced today that they will launch a Global Beta Test for their classic hardcore MMORPG, <ROM: Remember of Majesty> (hereafter referred to as ROM), which they are developing in collaboration with Kakao Games. The Beta Test will run for 3 days starting from the 23 Jan.

The Global Beta Test for “ROM” will launch simultaneously in 10 regions, including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, from 23 Jan 6 AM UTC to 25 Jan 6 AM UTC.

Participants can join through the PC client from the official website. Mobile devices support such as AOS and iOS will be available upon the official release at a later date.

ROM: Remember Of Majesty

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<ROM: Remember of Majesty>Global Beta Test Introduction

During this test, considering the global battlefield that will be unveiled during the official release, the focus will be on verifying server stability and client optimization through the influx of global traffic. The testing will also concentrate on validating the core elements of a classic hardcore MMORPG, including the gear acquisition and enhancement for character build and trading, to protect user item value through a free economic system.

Moreover, to enhance the enjoyment of the test, Redlab games will distribute various rewards in Game Login Event, “Token of Adventurer” Exchange Event, and Official Community Events.

Scheduled for release in the first quarter of this year, “ROM” aims to be a classic hardcore MMORPG that implements a large-scale global battlefield where users from around the world can participate.

To achieve this, the game focuses on providing a comfortable and stable playing environment through cross-platform support for mobile and PC, graphic optimization, and collision-based traffic processing technology.

Furthermore, the game is designed to have a simple and clear shop structure, where package products, which could devalue user item worth, are excluded. The plan is to establish a rational and sensible Business Model, allowing players to purchase core summoning items with in-game currency.

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