Unlock the Secrets: The Flower of Evil Launches Today


The Flower of Evil is now officially launched and ready for play. Developed by Carbonatom Game Studio, this game tells the story of Lela, a private detective embroiled in an old murder case. With numerous engaging puzzles, entertaining choices, an intriguing storyline, and a cinematic art experience, The Flower of Evil promises an immersive gameplay experience.

The Flower of Evil

A Story Full of Drama and Mystery

In The Flower of Evil, you are not just playing a game; you are uncovering a story filled with conflict and intrigue. The game begins with a dramatic scene involving the Totten family, setting the stage for a sequence of events that will test your detective skills.

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Artistic Style and Engaging Gameplay

One of the highlights of The Flower of Evil is its excellent visual presentation. The game features hand-drawn levels that create a cinematic feel, making players feel as though they are stepping into a living comic book. Each scene is meticulously designed to reflect the distinct styles of the twin cities and to enhance the narrative.

The Flower of Evil_Find a way to get out

The gameplay is designed to be challenging and engaging. With over 100 unique puzzles, the game encourages players to think creatively as they advance through the story. The puzzles are closely integrated with the narrative, revealing the dark secrets of the city and the complex histories of the characters.

Characters Bound by Fate

Each character in The Flower of Evil enhances the narrative’s sense of predetermined paths. From Lela’s determined pursuit of truth to Elsa’s mysterious split personality, the characters are crafted to embody the inescapable pull of their destinies, enriching every interaction with the weight of their pasts and the shadows of their futures. Players gradually learn about the characters’ backgrounds while engaging with the core mystery. Their distinctive traits add color to a dynamic and compelling storyline.

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Critical Acclaim and Community Engagement

The game has received positive feedback across various platforms, including a detailed review from Pocket Gamer that commends its “unique and challenging puzzles and deep narrative.” The community around The Flower of Evil is vibrant, with players sharing tips, theories, and experiences, highlighting the game’s ability to engage and foster a dedicated following.


The Flower of Evil is more than just a game—it’s an experience. With its rich storyline, engaging puzzles, and beautifully designed levels, it offers a compelling mix of narrative depth and gameplay excellence. Whether you’re a novice sleuth or an experienced puzzle solver, The Flower of Evil promises a journey worth undertaking. Join the adventure and discover what lies at the heart of this enigmatic city. 

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