Anime film Macross Δ Gekijou no Walküre will open in Feb 2018

Mr. Qoo

TV anime series Macross Δ previously announced an animation film in Rock in Japan Festival 2017. Yesterday (9th October), Director Shoji Kawamori unveiled the official title name and the release date of the new movie.

The film Macross Δ Gekijou no Walküre (劇場版マクロスΔ 激情のワルキューレ) will premiere in Japan starting 9th February 2018. The director gave no more details other than the above. The visual released yesterday has already been made public in Rock in Japan Festival.

The Marcross franchise revolves around conflicts that involve the humanity and extraterrestrial species across the vast universe. Ever since the first TV anime came out in 1982, it has got four TV anime, six OVA, six movie adaptions, as well as a mobile rhythm game that was out earlier this year.

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