[Qoo Guide] Azur Lane: Where to download and how to set up (CN ver.)



If you have decided to give Azur Lane (碧藍航線) a try, great! Yet, going through all the Chinese installation process is a pain in the neck. Here we have some steps you may want to follow. Don’t worry about it – it’s SIMPLE!

** The steps below are only applicable to the Chinese version. 

Step by Step Guide

1. Download QooApp on your android device and search Azur Lane.


2. Launch your app and likely you will be asked to update it. Tap on the gold button to proceed.


3. Scroll until the very end of this pop-up window and press the gold button to accept the User Agreement.


4. It will take you to the log-in screen. If you already have a Bilibili account, just log in and skip step 5 to 8.


5. Register an ID and set up a password.


6. When it says “注冊失敗,用户名已存在”, it means the username has already existed. You have to use another one.


7. Enter the character shown in the white box.


8. According to the Chinese government’s policy, players are required to enter their Chinese names and personal ID. You can simply copy and paste the example.

Name: 張三
ID: 440106198202020555


9. Remember to tick the box before you log in. Press the pink button, and you are good to go!


Azur Lane CN

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