Square Enix's Mashiro Witch Open Beta Starts 31/10!

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Today (26th October), Square Enix announced that on Halloween (31st October) an Android open beta will open for their upcoming mobile title, Mashiro Witch – Midnight Marchen (ましろウィッチ – 真夜中メルヒエン).

Mashiro Witch

Beta Duration
31st October – 7th November

Minimum Requirements
Android 4.0.0 +
2GB Free Storage Space

Beta Sign Up:
1. Log in with a Japanese Square Enix Members Account (those without an account will have to register for a Japanese Account).
2. Go to the Mashiro Witch open beta site to obtain download link and beta code.
3. Install beta client and insert beta code.

About the Game

Mashiro Witch

Mashiro Witch is set in a world on the verge of destruction, ruled by six witches known as the “Princess Banquet”. In order to save the world, a group of magical girls band together to prevent the world from its doom. See gameplay footage from the game here.

Square Enix Members Site

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