2017 Oct Week #5 Collect All Your Favorite Kamen Riders

Mr. Qoo

Video Version:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

動物之森 qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“How can it not come out in Japan First~~”
“I’ve decided to sleep until it gets released in Japan.”
“The game feels a little weird with miro-transactions”

To put it simply, this game is the animal version of The Sims with adorable Japanese styled graphics. The series has already gathered a solid fan base and now Nintendo releases a mobile version for fans to play the game on-the-go on their mobile devices. Surprisingly, the game doesn’t seem to be doing particularly well in Chinese regions.

Kamen Rider: City Wars

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“I wonder how long this game will last? (game service)”
“Ah~ I really want to use Kamen Rider Attacks on other play cities!”
“Those who can’t hear the game volume, try turning up the ringtone volume.”

Detailed Kamen Rider character models that stay true to their original series, combined with an added city simulation element, the game is definitely something all Kamen Rider fans must play. The game does lack a bit a depth, most of the gameplay becomes repetitive after a while and characters are without their special moves are pretty weak, not to mention, the auto-mode is quite stupid, BUT it has ALL the Kamen Riders. Yes, ALL of them, so it isn’t really a surprise that the game is doing quite well.

Dragon Spear

Gamer Reactions:
“Buttons positions are really bad, makes it hard to press the button you want.”
“Good Game! Graphics and Characters are really well made!”
“The controls are driving me insane! Please fix it soon.”

Surprisingly, this game is much better than expected. The combat pace is great and the skill animations are quite well made. This game is definitely worth trying, but be aware that in certain stages, there are a lot of enemies, lower end mobile devices may experience issues.

Graffiti Smash

塗鴉戰士 qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese gamer Reactions:
“Is this Splatoon + Monster Strike?”
“Better than I thought, the UI is quite well designed and the difficulty is well set.”
“The art style of MS isn’t unified, sometimes it’s quite weird. I like this more.”

At first glance, it is hard to imagine that this game is made by Bandai Namco (since all Bandai Namco does is sell their biggest IPs).The game features original characters with a unique gameplay that combines Splatoon and Monster Strike. if Pinball/Slingshot games is your thing, then you’ll surely find joy in Graffiti Smash.

Pastel Memories

粉彩回憶 qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The core of the game is the same as Alternative Girls!”
“2.5% Chance still feels better than the 3% drop rate of Alternative Girls…”

Alternative Girls with added elements in the interaction between player and the girls in game. The gameplay is quite bland, but the character designs and models are really well made. If you look at it as a character collecting game with character development then this game is definitely a great one.

Paid Game of the Week
The School: White Day [Google Play Store Link]
Price: HK$29.9

Classic indie game with detailed horror elements. Mixing romance with horror elements into one game this game has a unique overall experience from the pressure of having to solve puzzles whilst being chased to a somewhat weird dating sim. Unfortunately, the story of the game is slightly week, but nonetheless this game is definitely worth trying.

グラフィティスマッシュ Graffiti Smash グラフィティスマッシュ BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc. 4.1 Moreぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム Pastel Memories ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム FURYU_SG 4.0 More仮面ライダー シティウォーズ Kamen Rider: City Wars 仮面ライダー シティウォーズ BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. 4.5 More
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