Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage Things You Need to Know

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Ninja Voltage

Last week (15th November), Bandai Namco released Naruto x Boruto: Voltage in Japan. The game features characters from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Naruto will be playable. The gameplay involves actions and strategies. Players have to build their own forts and attack any rival forts with splendid moves shown in the anime. Online co-op is also available.

Gameplay Summary

Ninja Voltage’s gameplay is separated into two main categories.PvP and PvE.

Recollect Iconic Moments


PvE is your typical mobile action game, where players can use iconic characters from the series and relive key moments in the story.


Attack Missions


PvP combines the action element with a strategic twist.  Players build and customize their own forts to defend against other player’s invasion. Players can also invade other player’s fort for resources. PvP will reward players with PvP currency that can be used to buy shards


Resource Management


Asides from fortifying forts, players will also have to manage their resources. Chakra and Gold are the main resources that are generated over time in the village. Gold is needed to upgrade the the Base and also required for certain character upgrades. Gold is also required to purchase upgrades for the player fort.

Chakra, on the other hand, is used to upgrade money generators and used to upgrade skills.

Shard-based Character System


Unlike most games, characters aren’t separated into rarity. All characters are obtained at 1★ and all characters can be upgraded to 6★. Some of the characters can be obtained from the main story chapters. However, some of the characters have to be farmed from special missions.

Upgrading characters will also require the specific hero’s shards which can also be acquired in the special missions.



The Gacha in Ninja Voltage drops character skills. These skill cards increase character’s stats, and unlock different skills depending on the card. The top tier cards are Ougi cards which unlocks devastating skills for specific characters for example, Naruto’s Ougi is the iconic Rasengan and Sasuke’s is Chidori.


Q: What should I look for when re-rolling?
A: 5★ Ougi, preferably Naruto or Sasuke due to launch pick up. Ougi for Gaara, Hinata, and Sakura are not as useful early on since these characters cannot be obtained from the main story.

Q: Daily Quests?
A: There is a total of 4 daily quests:
– Clear Story Missions: x3
– Attack Mission (PvP): x3
– Clear Special Missions: x3
– Collect Resources: x5

Q: Co-op?
A: Co-op will be available in Sudden Attack Missions. The first Sudden Attack Mission has been announced to reach the game on 30th November.

Q: What is Fame?
A: Fame is Ninja Voltage’s VIP system. Logging into the game will reward players with 2 points per day. Purchasing gems will reward players with more VIP. The higher the fame the more passive benefits players will receive.

Q: Priorities when starting the game?
A: After re-rolling for an Ougi Skill. clearing the normal stages whilst upgrading village facilities is top priority. After clearing all the normal stages farm special stages to collect materials and character shards and focus on maxing out one character with an Ougi skill for clearing PvP. When you have money to spare from upgrading facilities, invest in improving your fort. Forts can only be customized when the Base is Lv 13+

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