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Sword Art Online Integral Factor

刀劍神域 Integral Factor QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Nothing to do after the 4th floor. Lacks content.”
“Is there really a point in this kind of repetitive farming MMO?”
“Isn’t the proper MMO on PC enough?”

honestly, this might be the most boring MMO that has been released recently. The game uses a old farming MMO system and the graphics aren’t particularly great. Currently all players can do is farm materials by hunting monsters using the plain ARPG spamming controls. However since the game is based on the insanely popular SAO, surely fans will ignore it all and stick to the game.

LayereD Stories 0

LayereD Stories 0 QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“I really like the world setting, the character designs are great too.”
“The animated story is great, going to keep playing it.”
“Not a lot to say about the game’s combat system.”

Following Graffiti Smash Layered Stories 0 is another original IP created by bandai Namco, could the company be breaking away from their IP=Everything trend? The game’s world isfully explored and the combat system isn’t all bad. The game uses a fairly unique system, not to mention, the art style is also fairly distinctive. For players the game’s gacha rates are also very player friendly. Layered Stories 0 project also comes with a web anime series.

Red Stone 2

紅寶石2 QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“No MMO elements…”
“One of those “bring your NPC to battle” action game.”
“A completely different game, how can they call it a sequel to the original.”

Although the game is based on a Korean MMORPG, Red Stone 2 has no MMO elements. The game brings back the old-school Red Stone experience in a ARPG style gameplay. Unfortunately asides from the Red Stone name, there really isn’t anything worth mentioning, leading to a string of bad reviews for the game.

Megido 72

米吉多72 QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Isn’t this Dia Horizon?”
“The crying face on their feature image scared me…”
“The explore part of the game makes it feel slow.”

At first glance, this game reminds players of Square Enix’s Dia Horizon, but with a more detailed system and improved graphics. Many aspects of this game takes up sometime, from the dungeon exploring to the game’s combat system, after a while it can put player’s attention span to the test.


ArchiWorld QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“I like the surreal world setting…”
“Stage and character design are pretty good, not bad for a casual game.”

Although the game looked more like an ARPG during the pre-registration announcements, the final finished product turned out to be Flappy Bird. Despite the initial disappointment, the actual game play turned out to be not bad at all. Complete with a story and an actual purpose to the game, it really turned out to be a decent time killer.

IS Archetype Breaker

IS Archetype Breaker QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Spent all the budget solely on Character Models and the IP, but I’ll still play it.
“The animated effects are great, but after a while they get boring.”
“Reminds me of Symphogear.”

Unfortunately even though this game has quite decent graphics, it uses the traditional collectible RPG full-auro gameplay system… The cut-in effects when characters uses their skills is quite impressive at first, but after a while it all becomes tiresome to watch. However, with an IP like Infinite Stratos, I guess there really isn’t much you need to add to make the game appeal to fans.


寫真★妖怪 QOOAPP的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
The monster breeding system has triggered my desire to collect them all!
Does this count as another Pokemon GO?
The best part is taking pictures to find monsters, that alone is satisfying enough.

A Pokemon GO-like collectible mobile game with an alternative monster spotting system. Through taking pictures of different location, objects, and people, the game will generate different monsters for players to collect. The game also features a Monster Breeding system which allows players to have two monsters breed a new monster. Although the freedom for the breeding system is quite limited, the concept is quite unique and attractive.

Toppa Xinobi Championship

突破 Xinobi Championship的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
Not a lot of strategy required for a TCG
This type of system does really appeal to hardcore or casual gamers, right?
Gameplay is a little different than what I expected.

A casual semi-turn-based TCG system where players take turns to summon Shinobi from their hand to the field. Due to the system’s simplicity, not a lot of thought is required for each round. Whilst the game may appeal to casual gamers, it will pretty much lose the hardcore TCG lovers.

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