[Qoo News] BL mobile game 10 Count: Another Days revealed voice actors – Tomoaki Maeno and Shinnosuke Tachibana


10 Count: Another Days

Based on Rihito Takarai’s (宝井理人) BL manga 10 Count (テンカウント), coming mobile game 10 Count: Another Days (テンカウント another days) has announced two voice actors for its protagonists!

Shinnosuke Tachibana is cast as Tadaomi Shirotani while Tomoaki Maeno is cast as Riku Kurose. Both actors have previously starred in the manga’s spin-off drama CDs.

10 Count: Another Days Tadaomi Shirotani

10 Count: Another Days Riku Kurose

Besides, pre-registration is now available not only for Ameba but also for Line users and Twitter users. Twitter users simply  have to follow the game’s official account. Line users are required to scan the QR code below. The game will launch in 2018.

10 Count: Another Days


In 10 Count, Tadaomi Shirotani suffers from Mysophobia and a psychological trauma he got as a kid. Riku Kurose, a psychologist, meets Shirotani by chance, and decides to help him by listing out ten goals that he has to achieve. The relationship quickly becomes intimate. The manga serialised in Dear+ magazine is already finished.

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10 Count’s mobile game is named 10 Count: Another Days
10 Count finishes serialisation this month


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