[Qoo News] Destiny Child New 5★ Character Voiced by Kana Hanazawa Released!


The Japanese version of Korea’s Destiny Child has released a new character today (28th December)! The new character, Guardian Kouga (守護神コウガ), is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

In addition to the new character, a new “End of Year” Gacha Pool has been released, with new pick up characters including the new character. The gacha will be available from now until 11th January.

Pick-up Characters

★5 守護神コウガ


Slide Skill: 連刃三連
Prioritizing enemy Attack units, strike one opponent three times with the normal skill “壱の太刀”. Additional damage is added depending on skill level.

Drive Skill Preview:

★5 マアト


Drive Skill Preview:

★5 メティス


Drive Skill Preview:

End of Year Events

Moa Moa ParaDice


Upon completing certain tasks as shown below, players will be able to roll the dice once. Landing on different tiles will reward players with different prizes.

1. Spend 50 Stamina (Max. 3 per Day)
2. Fight in Devil Rumble Arena (Max. 2 per Day)
3. 10x Gacha Summon (Max. 99 Day)
4.Extract Onyx (Max. 1 per Day)


Rewards for Reaching the Goal:
1. Costume Gloomy Moa (グルーミー モア)
2. 1,000,000 Gold
3. 4-5★ CHild Summon Token
4. 6,000 Onyx
5. 5★ A Grade Weapon Guaranteed Token
6. 200 Crystals
7. 5★ A Grade Armor Guaranteed Token
8. 12,000 Onyx
9. 5★ A Grade Accessory Guaranteed Token
10. 500 Crystals
11. 5★ Character Cube Moa (キューブモア)
12. 500 Crystals



Seven Day Demon Fiesta


28th December 2018 – 18th January 2018


The new Demon Fiesta will reward players with the 5★ Character Salem (セイレーン) who is voiced by Aya Suzaki (洲崎綾).


Drive SKill Preview:


In Destiny Child, players take the role of a devil who lives the life of a human after getting bored in the devil world. He is suddenly dragged into a war that decides who the king of the devil is. In order to be the king, he needs to enter into contracts with girls called Child.

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