Mobile otome game Palette Parade reveals new cast including Yuki Ono

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Palette Parade

Silicon Studio’s coming mobile otome title Palette Parade (パレットパレード) has just unveiled five more cast members. They are Tarusuke Shingaki, Yuto Suzuki, Yuki Ono, Arthur Lounsbery, and Yusuke Shirai.

Palette Parade

Edouard Manet

Voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki, he has the guts to disagree what most people agree. Showing no fear of authorities is why others admire him.

Palette Parade

Anthony van Dyck

Voiced by Yuto Suzuki, he is extremely picky aesthetically. Sometimes his standard is quite out of the norm.

Palette Parade

Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez

Voiced by Yuki Ono, he has a sharp instinct. Usually gets away from telling others what is on his mind with the excuse “need to smoke”.

Palette Parade

Alfred Sisley

Voiced by Arthur Lounsbery, he always smiles. Lives a sheltered life but can still overcome adversity.

Palette Parade

Utagawa Hiroshige

Voiced by Yusuke Shirai, he is a pretty guy who wants to look wild and manly but fails to do so.

Palette Parade


In Palette Parade, players will play as the acting director of an extremely typical art museum. In this ordinary place, however, there is a group of extraordinary male artists who want to make the museum vibrant again with the female protagonist.

For all characters’ introduction please see here. The first five cast members announced can be found here. The second batch can be found here. The third batch is available here.

Palette Parade is coming 2018 Summer.

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