Usurper Knight Mordred Fights for the Crown! Valiant Force White Day Major Update!

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War is blazing through IMGA’s award-winning mobile title, Valiant Force! Today (15th March), amidst the chaos of war, Mordred the usurper makes declares his introduction to the game and fights to be King of Camelot alongside side the major update!

With both battle prowess and charisma, even though he has fallen to the dark side, Mordred is an exceptional ally in your team. Wielding his royal sword Clarent, he is swift and deadly, leaving his opponents with no time to react!

Name: Mordred
D.O.B: 15 March (14 / 15 / 16 Years Old )
Home region: Camelot
Hobbies: Fencing, chess, reading


Although similar in age to the young Camelot King Arthur, Mordred is the more charismatic and mature of the two. His covetousness for the throne comes from an honest love for his country and a burning desire to serve his people. This ambition, however, has the potential to lead him astray from the path of light; only by reining in his darkest desires will Mordred emerge a true champion of Camelot.

Ladies, Time to Change Outfits for Spring!

Spring has slowly crept its way to Arathos, it is time for both the heroes and the demons to change their outfits! Some outfits will even come with stat increased. (Definitely not Game changing!)




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