Ashes of Divinity, Valiant Force Spring Break Major Update!

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Following the previous update which brought Modred to the game, Valiant Force will be receiving their Spring Major Update which is set to bring another key character from to the war in Camelot! Read the official press release below to find out more about the new upcoming character and events!

<<Official Valiant Force Press Release>>

Spring is coming, but so is darkness. IMGA’s award-winning mobile title “Valiant Force” will launch new series of activities and story!

Valiant Force

Race against time, Save Queen Guinevere in the flames of the Camelot

Dark forces launched a terrifying invasion upon Camelot, after failing to manipulate Mordred into wresting the throne and the Grail for them. Young noblewoman Guinevere has offered to lead the fiends to the Grail in exchange for peace in Camelot. But what is her real plan?Assemble your team and launch a daring rescue!

Name: Guinevere
D.O.B: 15 May (15 – 17 years old)
Home Region: Camelot
Hobbies: Sewing, knitting, singing

Backstory: A young noblewoman in the court of Camelot whose family has served as advisors and friends to the Crown. Despite her lofty position, Guinevere is humble and sincere to all regardless of their status. She is a childhood friend of Arthur’s, and the two share many fond memories. Underneath Guinevere’s gentle facade is a strong will to protect her loved ones, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Mega-giveaway for the beautiful April.

In addition to providing a daily login bonus in April, you will receive a large number of equipment & hero tickets, Gold and Gems, and Dark Lord shards. New players can still get pre-registration rewards, as well as the limited 5-stars Hero, Leandra.

New Hero: Guinevere

Guinevere’s job variants will allow her to either reflect damage back to her enemies or raise allies’ MAG!

For more information please valiant Force Official Facebook page:

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