90s classic RPG Wild Arms gets mobile game Wild Arms: Million Memories

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A 90s classic for PlayStation, Wild Arms (ワイルドアームズ) is getting a revival with its latest mobile project, Wild Arms: Million Memories (ワイルドアームズ ミリオンメモリーズ). The new game is developed by Sony’s subsidiary ForwardWorks.

Wild Arms: Million Memories

Wild Arms is known for its Western American theme. Set in an alternative universe, the story revolves around adventurers travelling across wasteland in search of fortune. There is no details as what Million Memories is about, but the game maker did confirm the appearance of previous Wild Arms’ characters. It is going to be supervised by the original game writer, Akifumi Kaneko. The original composer Michiko Naruke will too comeback for the OST production.

Wild Arms: Million Memories is set for 2018 release.

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