2018 April Week #3 Japanese Scrabble, Ayakashi-themed Roguelike RPG, and more!

Mr. Qoo

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23/7 qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The combat system is quite innovative, but not that fun.”
“I hope the character designs can be more standardized, they’re all over the place now.”
“This game is so time-consuming, regular login for the BONUS is so annoying.”

Before the game was officially released, the character designs attracted a lot of attention from interested players. However, when the game launched, the character designs were all over the place and the story lacked depth. Fortunately, there is a certain innovation to the gameplay which somewhat redeemed the game.

Chrono Brigade

クロノ ブリゲード qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“They subconsciously used FF’s turn-based combat as a reference right? But seriously, there’s too little content.”
“Asides from how easy it is to re-roll your first pick, the game doesn’t have much to praise. The drop rate is only 1%!”
“The character illustrations are decent, what happened to the models…”

A turn-based combat game which emphasizes on strategic moves and team composition. Despite emphasizing on strategy and team composition, the game lacks character variety for players to really explore different compositions.

Although the game’s character designs aren’t bad, the character models aren’t particularly great, and the animations are odd at times. This might put off some players, but it’s not a game breaking issue.

Ayakashi Gensokyo

妖怪幻想鄉 qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The main storyline could be longer, you run out of things to do pretty quickly.”
“Somewhat resembles Oreshika: Tainted Blood, looking for to future updates.”
“As a Dungeon Explore game, there’s room for improvement, but the game isn’t bad overall.”

A mobile Roguelike game with a distinctive theme. the game has a rich Japanese theme and has quite a depth gameplay, but, the difference between actual gameplay and the illustrations is like heaven and earth…

Light VS Shadow: Fight Song

光與暗的對決~輪迴的戰歌~ qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“This is a Chinese MOBA, right? The balance is quite good, not bad.”
“So many bots, is it a problem with lack of players? Or is my rank too low?”
“Everyone just rushes in a straight line, maybe MOBA games just don’t work well in Japan.”

Great illustrations with decent character models. For a mobile MOBA , the game’s balance isn’t too bad, but it seems like the mobile MOBA games aren’t that popular with Japanese gamers, and hardcore MOBA players wouldn’t really spend their time on a mobile MOBA.


言靈戰士 qooapp的圖片搜尋結果

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Everyone comes up with as many words as they can to attack, pretty cool.”
“It even recognizes pervy words, I almost died laughing.”
“Will people pay for this game? (lol)”

Japanese scrabble with combat. The game supports up to four players which is quite interesting. The biggest issue is that the bar of entry is too high for players who aren’t fluent in Japanese.

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