Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG Unveils Unprecedented Pre-Order Benefits and Unique Charms!


Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG officially opens its highly anticipated pre-order phase, inviting players to partake in an unprecedented magical adventure. This enchanting hand-drawn fairy-tale-style idle card mobile game promises to transport players into a captivating world filled with light and magic, promising a leisurely adventure like never before.

Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG_KeyArtwork

Pre-Order Exclusive Rewards: A Bounty of Treats Awaits Early Supporters

To express gratitude to all supporters, players who pre-order now will receive a special pre-order package. This offering includes the character HERO-Julius Caesar, Bounty Pass, and a considerable number of other in-game resources. These rewards are tailor-made to empower players, enabling them to tackle even the most formidable adventure challenges within the game.

Magic Chronicle: Isekai _SSR_Julius Caesar

Unique Features that Set “Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG” Apart:

Awakening of Epic Heroes:

Summon and command a legion of epic heroes, each possessing their own awakening magic power. Uncover the breathtaking legendary stories that lie beneath the surface of these extraordinary characters.

Magic Chronicle: Isekai_Hero

Surprise with 1000 Consecutive Draws:

Upon logging in, players will be greeted with the extraordinary opportunity for 1000 consecutive draws, guaranteeing the acquisition of SSR heroes in single draws, allowing each member of your team to take center stage and make a spotlight appearance on the grand stage of the game.

Magic Chronicle: Isekai_Free_Draws

Humorous Hero Quotes:

Infuse laughter and wisdom into your adventure with heroes like Marco Polo, Florence Nightingale, and Julius Caesar, each contributing their wit and charm to the unfolding story.

Magic Chronicle: Isekai_SSR_Team

The beauty of Isekai World:

The game takes players across the boundaries of time and space, immersing them in a pure and authentic adventure in the Isekai world. The exquisite hand-drawn art by world-class artists will present players with a beautifully enchanting realm full of surprises and mysteries.


Join now and pre-order “Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG”! As magic descends, prepare for a marvellous adventure in the Isekai world about to unfold.

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