DC Unchained - Origins of Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s story is one that takes the Doctor-Patient relationship to the next level. Everyone’s heard of how she falls for The Joker at Arkham, but there’s more! Keep reading to get find out just how exactly did she turn from Harleen Francis Quinzel to the Harley Quinn we know today.

In her original origin story, Harleen Francis Quinzel (a.k.a. Harley Quinn) is a college student with a Gymnast scholarship. Although her grades weren’t great, she managed to get by via “alternative methods”.

Nevertheless, she had wanted to be a psychologist which led her to Intern at Arkham Asylum. Looking for a high profile case for a challenge, she sets her eyes on The Joker. The more she studies The Joker, the more she finds herself entranced by him, eventually falling in love with him. It is then that she changes her looks and adopts the name Harly Quinn and breaks The Joker out of Arkham Asylum.

In The New 52 era, DC changed her alternative story to make her more than just “Joker’s girl”. Harleen Francis Quinzel was a normal student who was interested in criminal minds.

After Graduating from Gotham University, she worked at different hospitals. Pursuing her interest in criminal minds, she took a job at Arkham Asylum where she could study the inmates. After a while, she discovers that in order to truly study and understand the inmates, she has to be closer to them, she has to be inside the asylum with them, which is why she dyed her hair and had the warden admit her into Arkham Asylum. There she meets The Joker and falls in love with him.

After a while, an inmate murdered the warden, and the new warden discovers Harleen’s experiment. He deemed her insane and ordered the guards to escort her out. Harleen refused to leave without The Joker and steals the gun from one of the guards and proceeded to break out of Arkham with The Joker.

After breaking out, The Joker eventually responds to Harleen’s love, by throwing her into the VAT chemicals which bleached his skin, this gave Harleen the same pale white look The Joker has, thus turning her into the Harly Quinn we all know.

Harley Quinn in DC Unchained

Unique Skill

Mad Lover
Leader: Increase Affinity bonus when the team is composed of characters that do not share type.
Team Member: Increase Power Technique, Agility, Vitality and Mentality of all allies if the team is composed of characters that do not share type.

Active Skills

Spin Spin Hammer!

Spins around with giant hammer striking surrounding enemies 5 times. The last strike will also apply a knockdown effect on enemies hit. a special combo is activated if used during normal attack.

Pie anyone?

Attach a pie with a hidden bomb inside. Reduces target movement speed, and attack power for 3 seconds. After the three seconds, the bomb explodes dealing damage.

Hot Bullet

Grabs an enemy and fires at the 7 times. Then kicks the enemy away, dealing damage and stunning them. Gains Super Armor whilst skill is activated.

Puddin’ Time

Calls circus mates to throw junk on the stage for 10 seconds. Enemies hit will take damage.

Where to?

Launch into the air with a giant bomb and drops down together with the bomb. The initial launch deals damage an additional on impact. Enemies hit by the final explosion gets knocked down.

All-in-all, Harley Quinn is a great villain character, as long as your team is made up of characters of different types. With a combination of slows and stuns, She can easily set-up to land skills that deal massive damage in PvP. In PvE, you can utilize her AoE skills to clear out mobs. If you ignore the numbers, Harley Quinn’s skills are also amusing to watch as it covers up the lethality with a clownish touch.

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