Bandai Namco Announces New Cat Game "Neko Tomo"

Mr. Qoo 3DS Switch

Bandai Namco has announced a new cat game for Switch and 3DS titled Neko Tomo (ネコ・トモ).

Neko Tomo

In Neko Tomo, players will be able to spend time with Nekoko and Tomomo, talking cats who can be taught new words which they will then use in future conversations. Through talking and playing with the cats, players will be able to befriend them and become their family.

During the title’s announcement presentation, Bandai Namco also showed Neko Tomo’s theme song “Honwaka Kazoku ~Neko Tomo no Uta~ ” (ほんわか家族 ~ネコトモのうた~). At the presentation, Nekoko and Tomomo revealed that their theme song will be featured in the upcoming Taiko no Tattsujin Nintendo Switch Version as a playable song!

The game is expected to be released in Japan this year (2018).

Theme Song

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