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Captain Tsubasa

The suspense rising! As we were left at the deciding fate of a single goal, could this be the episode where Nankatsu finally turns it around to their favor? On this week’s comparison, we’ll be focusing on comparing episode eight of Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼) against the final halve of chapter six and the entirety of chapter seven. What major differences lay ahead for the destined rivals? Keep reading to find out!

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A Lone Hawk vs A Flock

In the anime, Tsubasa is shown working together with his team to break through the defense of team Shutetsu. With each pass being significant in portraying the strength and practice of each individual member, Tsubasa is unsuccessful in scoring with headshot. When compared to the manga, Tsubasa has full control of the ball and attempts scoring with a single kick instead of a headshot, who happens to still be unsuccessful in surpassing Genzo.

An Unexpected Fake Out

Captain Tsubasa

Genzo is quickly caught off-guard due to one of Tsubasa’s clever strategies of a fake out. As he nears the goal and lands a powerful kick on the ball, it surprisingly spins out only to miss the net by a couple inches. This causes Genzo to question his skill and luck in the game. While in the manga, as the events leading toward the attempted goal stay the same, Genzo quickly recovers from his confusion and the fluke doesn’t faze him from concentrating on the game.

The Birdcage Tactic

Captain Tsubasa

A strategy used by the professionals! Though both the manga and anime explain the birdcage strategy, the anime dives further ahead to pinpoint how Shutetsu is using the birdcage tactic to their advantage. The birdcage tactic or also known as Torikago, is a tactic used to save time and keep your opponent in your own space. Team Nankatsu is forced into the defensive as the attacking team, Shutetsu, adjusts themselves in front of Nankatsu’s goal. The attacking team passes the ball back and forth causing the defensive team to move forward, risking an opening to be created by the defensive team, giving the attacking team an opportunity to score. Who would’ve known Shutetsu had such a sneaky strategy under their sleeves!?

The Post-Rebound Overhead Kick

The stunning visuals the anime has to offer when compared to manga are otherworldly amazing! Flipping through the pages of the manga, Tsubasa is portrayed mastering the overhead kick with an intense sweep of a highlight as he strikes the ball midair. In the anime, an enormous hawk soars above Tsubasa as he strikes the ball, with lighting engulfing the ball. Swift and quick with every strike, the hawk signifies Tsubasa’s spirit animal on the field. This visualization gives a more in-depth look and a significant importance in Tsubasa’s skills that’s highlighted throughout the anime.

Taro’s Flashback

Captain Tsubasa

As Taro enters the field, Tsubasa fills Taro with excitement as he tells him to listen to the crowd. This reminds Taro of his arrival to the town where Nankatsu resided at. He’s able to closely relate more towards Tsubasa due to the importance of soccer in their lives, especially with both of their fathers invested heavily in their work. In the manga, Taro’s backstory isn’t highlighted as much when compared to Tsubasa’s life story throughout the manga.

Captain Tsubasa

IT’S A TIE!! There are five minutes left on the clock! The final halve will decide which team ends up triumphant. Team Nankatsu or team Shutetsu, who do you think will win the match? Which team do you think showed the most dedication and strength on the field? You just might find out the answers to these questions on the next episode of Captain Tsubasa Episode Nine: A Happy Ending!


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