Rozen Maiden x Gothic wa Mahou Otome Second Collaboration Announced!

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Today (17th July), CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD. has announced that their mobile shooter, Gothic wa Mahou Otome will once again collaborate with the iconic gothic girls anime series Rozen Maiden on 20th July.

Gothic Mahou Otome

Collaboration Details

In the upcoming collaboration, Kanaria and Hinaichigo, who was not introduced in the first collaboration, will finally be coming to Gothic wa Mahou Otome! The characters will be fully voiced with new key illustrations and a brand new original story. Additionally, dolls from the first collaboration will also be brought back to the game.

Shinku (Left), Suigintou (Middle), Kanaria (Right)

Suiseiseki (Left), Souseiseki (Middle), Hinaichigo (Right)

Collaboration Duration: 20th July – 30th July

About the Game

Gothic wa Mahou Otome is a mobile shooter set in the same universe of Deathsmile. The game features a variety of different familiars that players can collect. Familiars have different shot types and different support functions.

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