Mobile SPRG The Bel Canto Launches Pre-Registration!

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Clover Lab has launched the pre-registration for their upcoming mobile SPRG, The Bel Canto: They Sing It Loud at The Crack of Dawn (夜明けのベルカント).

The upcoming game plot will relate to the Bel Canto stories are related to the Manga and Novel series. The Bel Canto is set in a war-torn universe where the three protagonists are rivals. Players take the role of an outsider who witnesses their histories and helps them cross paths with each other.

bel canto

Allele (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

Philia (CV: Sachika Misawa)

Tumon (CV: Hiroaki Hirata)

Pre-registration Rewards

All players will receive the 4★ character “イルムガルト” at game launch.

10,000: 300 Gems (enough for one gacha summon)
30,000: 600 Gems (enough for two gacha summon)
50,000: 900 Gems (enough for three gacha summon)
60,000: 1500 Gems (enough for five gacha summon)
80,000: 3000 Gems (one 10x summon)

Start Dash Rewards

In addition to pre-registration rewards, Clover Lab has also announced via the game’s official website that all players will receive special rewards upon completing the initial tutorial of the game at launch!

First Three Days of Game Launch: 3000 Gems, 5 Adventurer Guild’s Key (used to unlock upgrade material quests), and Boost Ticket x10 (used for Gold, EXP, and Drop Quests)

4th-7th Day of Game Launch: 1500 Gems, Adventurer Guild’s Key x3, Boost Ticket x5

8th-14th Day of Game Launch: 900 Gems, Adventurer Guild’s Key x2, Boost Ticket x3

15th-30th Day of Game Launch: 300 Gems, Adventurer Guild’s Key, Boost Ticket x1

After 31st Day of Game Launch: Adventurer Guild’s Key x1, Boost Ticket x1

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