Nitroplus × DMM GAMES New Game "Tokyo Necro: Suicide Mission" Beta Launches 26 July!

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After two years of developments, DMM GAMES’s mobile SRPG title directed by Nitroplus, Tokyo Necro: Suicide Mission, will be launching an open beta on 26th July!

Tokyo Necro

Open Beta Details

Date: 26th July 11:00 JST

All participants of this open beta will be able to keep their account progress and sync their beta progress to their account when the game officially launches.

World Setting

Tokyo Necro is set in 2199 in the frozen city of Tokyo. Players play the role of a “Living Dead Stalker” who hunts living dead controlled by necromancers. Players will fight alongside key characters including Yamanashi Iba (月見里一巴) and Abiru Rabi (阿蛭らび).

凍京 NECRO SUICIDE MISSIONAkihabara Central Street

凍京 NECRO SUICIDE MISSIONShibuya China Street

Shibuya China Street is also known as the red light district, is the territory of the Chinese Triad. The are is filled with Chinese restaurants.


■ Yamanashi Iba (CV: Tetsuto Furukawa(古河 徹人))

Yamanashi Iba is a rookie of the Abiru Livingdead Stalker Office. He is a gunslinger who specializes in close quarter combat.


■ Abiru Rabi (CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu (民安 ともえ))

The director of Abiru Livingdead Stalker Office. Despite her young appearance, she is very mature at heart. She possesses incredible judgment and practicality.


Game Overview


All the initial pre-registration milestones have been reached! In celebration of the game’s high anticipations, a new milestone has been added. The new milestone of 120,000 pre-registered players will double the maximum amount of gems players can receive at launch from 3000 to 6000! Additionally,  if the new milestone is reached, all players will receive a 5★ plus gacha token!

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