2018 July Edition #2

Mr. Qoo

NEOGEO mini!!! Exciting news and games this week broken down into finely chopped bite size reads for your entertainment, but most importantly, this week we kicked off a new topic! Participate in this week’s Hot Topic and you’ll earn yourself a chance to win a special NEOGEO mini! find out more in the events section of this week’s QooApp Weekly!

This Week’s News

■ Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Phantasy Star series, SEGA has revealed a new mobile project for the series titled Idola Phantasy Star Saga! Not much has been revealed on the new game, but we do know that it is going to be a command RPG in which players form a team of four and simply launch skills at the perfect time.

Full article here.

■ New Unprecedented Digimon Game!

Let’s face it, Bandai Namco doesn’t always make the best games, but they do an incredible job at tugging at the heart of fans. Digimon ReArise wasn’t the best of mobile games, but that doesn’t stop any of us from getting hyped about the new Digimon Survive! The company has announced that Digimon Survive is the first survival simulation RPG of the Digimon series.

Full article here.

■ Another FGO Timepiece

SEIKO has revealed their fourth collaboration timepiece with FGO. This time, the collaboration brings the popular lancer, Scáthach. The watch is already available for pre-orders and is expected to be shipped out to masters across the globe later this year in December!

Full article here.

New Games Released

■ The King of Fighters ALLSTAR


Alright! A KOF game that we can enjoy on our phones! Of all the games that came out this week, KOF ALLSTAR is really one you would want to at least try. The game combines all the iconic characters of the series with a fast paced action game play style with real-time co-ops. Not to mention the game already has boss raid events! Sadly though, like many Netmarble games, KOF ALLSTAR is pretty grindy. If you are planning to stick to it, be prepared to invest time and resources in farming.

■ Underground Girl in the Dragon Labyrinth

Underground Girl in the Dragon Labyrinth

Escape x RPG x Action. Underground Girl in the Dragon Labyrinth really does have a unique combination of game mechanics. The puzzles start off quite simple to get players into the groove of the game, and steadily picks up the difficulty. All-in-all, this game isn’t that bad. if you’re into escape games this game does offer a unique take to the genre. It could try to improve on a few things like the controls, and the camera setting.

■ Fantasy Life Online

Fantasy Life Online promised a fun RPG experience where players can work together and explore different lands and quite honestly, Level-5 delivered. The game did have a rough start with urgent maintenance, but ultimately the game experience was quite good. Having both combat classes and crafting classes to choose from

QooApp Events

■ #TheFirstOne

People say that the first always holds a special place in our hearts. So share with us what was your first game! Participating in this week’s topic will also grant you a chance to win a special NEOGEO mini! As usual find this weeks topic at the feature page of QooApp (in-app). Read our NEOGEO mini Unboxing piece here!


This week has had its up and downs, but hate does drive the world, so this week we focus on the things that let us down this week. Like GIGANT SHOCK. it really was a giant shock to most player who were waiting for the game to be released on 25th July, only to find out the Android version wasn’t exactly ready for players. Then when the game is ready, not only does it require VPN, but also made you change your system language to Japanese and set your device time to JST. In comparison, Fantasy Life Online’s little launch crisis almost seems like a walk in the park.



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